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Do It Yourself


Dip Stick - for checking the oil in the secondary gear box.


DipStick.jpg (109434 bytes)

Walter Overfelt, a Cavalcade_USA member, designed this necessary item for the Cavalcade.  Here's information from Walter:

* * * * * * * * *

This was is a design for a DIP STICK for checking the oil level in the secondary gear box.

By removing the fill plug and inserting the Dip Stick to the level shown.  When removed there should be oil on the bottom of the dip stick, approximately a drop.

From the insertion level, to the end it should measure 2 and 13/16 inches >>>> to 2 and 7/8 inches.

 It will also work on the sidestand as I rechecked it against the level in my bike which I know is right. 


Dan's Online Motorcycle Repair Course

You have to go meet Dan.  Dan lives in northern Idaho and offers a FREE motorcycle repair course.  Dan also does taxidermy.  Interesting Site.  Go check it out.


CB Radio

After Market CB RadioRead this information about installing an after-market CB radio on your Cavalcade.  These were emails taken from Cavalcade_USA, giving information as to what kind of CB, where to mount it, and how the Cavalcade owner did it.  This is great stuff for you CB enthusiasts.  Read It Now



1.)   Light Bar

2.)   Caliper Cover

3.)  Fender Extension / Mud Flap

Make it myself?  See what one CUSA member (Walter Overfelt) made for his Suzuki Cavalcade.  He's willing to share his secrets, so check this out to find out more.  You may E-mail Walter here.


Clarion Radio Repairs


FREE - Do It Yourself

Just order the switches from Digi-Key above

Radio Repairs - Do It Yourself

WHAT?  Do you mean I can do this myself?  Find step-by-step instructions from Travis Conley


Driving Lights

You've got to check this out

Make my own driving lights?  It looks like a factory installation?


Paint Your Own Bike

Painting Your Own Bike

Information and tips on painting your own motorcycle, by Cavalcade_USA members


Trailer Hitch Plan #1

Trailer Hitch Plan #2

Trailer Hitch Plan #3


Finished Product

Yes, that's what I said.  For everyone that is desperately looking for a trailer hitch for your Cavalcade, here are the plans on how to make one.


Alvin Taylor submitted his "Finished Product"  Be sure to check it out.



"No,"  I'm not crazy and "Yes" I'm talking about that clear protective thing you look through, when you ride.  You can make one.


Make an Electric Riding Jacket

Make an electric riding suit?  Are you joking?  Here are the plans to make it yourself and save money.


 Make A Cavalcade T-shirt

tshirtMirror.jpg (577086 bytes)

Click on Pic to enlarge

This is a design I made to print out on T-shirt transfer paper.  It is mirrored so you can print it out and iron it on a T-shirt.  It also contains 3 smaller Cade-logo's ( the 3 smaller horses) to cut out before transferring the lot on a T-shirt ( I did this to use the WHOLE



Cavalcade Screen Saver   for your computer

Screen Saver

This is the Suzuki Cavalcade Screen Saver that you've heard everyone talking about.  Watch as the Cavalcades roll by on your screen.  Created by Greg Toennies, a CUSA member.




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