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Some good general information

I had visited your web site due to problems I had with my 86 Cavalcade.  I had bought it in October 2000.  

The first thing I noticed, was the secondary gear case was leaking at the drive shaft seal.  The oil was thin which, suggested it was leaking from the engine.  After checking this web site, I tackled the task. 

Once I tore down the motorcycle, I noticed grinded metal in the gear case.  The Suzuki dealer had told me that another Cavalcade was in the month earlier with the same problem.  The cause is the tin plug fitted on the output helix gear, the part number is 09241-25004.  The tin fragments had deteriorated the engine seal which
then began to leak. 

Other problems I encountered was, the rear wheel's valve had cracked, front and rear
brakes worn, and the front wheel's valve cracked.  All were repaired.  My frame number is 103662.  Frame numbers below 103774  were suppose to have the same brake pads all around.  

I ordered all the pads according to my frame number.  The front pads did not fit!   The pads from frame number 103774 and above fitted instead.  Is this a common problem? 

Another problem was the Clarion radio.  One of my children was changing the stations and it stopped working.  Again after searching this web site,  I contacted the repair center suggested on the site.  I was emailed back with a price of $85 labor and $65 parts, which did not include shipping.  Since I am an Electronics Technologist, I would not think changing the switches a major task. 

I went to the Digi-Key site to order the switches and found that the switches are
$0.282 each with a minimal order of $25, or a $5 handling fee was charged.  I had other things that I ordered, to bring the total to $25. 

I took the radio apart to check on the condition of the switches and found that two of the 16 switches were still functional.  I noticed the lithium battery was dated 1985.  I checked the part number on it and found it to be a Sanyo CR14250SE.  This battery was used in some Apple computers.  

After checking the internet, I found the battery for $12.95, with free shipping.  The web site is  with a part number of B-252 (Lithium CMOS battery PN:CR14250SE) 

I am very pleased with my Cavalcade.  I had an '82 (Honda) Interstate before the Cavalcade and parted the Interstate on eBay, to pay for the Cavalcade.  The Interstate was worth more in parts than whole!!


Don D
Kingston Springs, Tennessee