Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 09:10 PM
Subject: [Cavalcade_USA] Trailer Hitch
Ok Everyone
I have finished the trailer hitch for my Cade.  My thanks goes out to Walter, who supplied the plans at the Website.

Walter, as you can see I made a few changes, trying to keep the receiver hidden by the mud flap, but I couldn't make it small enough and still keep it strong.

I'm going to try to make a Cavalcade emblem, to put into the receiver when the ball is not installed.

The hitch was made out of 5/8" steel bars and 1/8" steel plating.  When it was all done it weighed in at a whopping 20lbs.     It's now painted black and mounted to the bike and now it is time to wire the bike and the trailer. 

WHEW! does it ever end? 

Thanks again Walter.  If anyone wants to take a peek at the hitch, click on the location below.

Alvin Taylor
Newark Ohio
87 LXE