From: "Michael Henretty" <>
Reply-To: Cavalcade_USA
To: Cavalcade_USA
Subject: [Cavalcade_USA] UTOPIA BACKREST
Date: Sat, 27 May 2000 06:07:29 -0000


Just for your information. I called Utopia concerning their backrest and found out they did not have the material to make a matching backrest for my 2-tone brown seat, BUT they said that if I sent them the material, they'd cover it with my sample.

So, the sample cost me $25.00 bucks (perfect match from a local upholstery shop) and IF I place the order I would have a perfectly matched backrest.  This may only be important to the Caders with a brown seat...Point is they were very accommodating.

Mike Henretty
86 MotorTrikeCade