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Date: Wed, 05 Jul 2000 22:18:14 -0700


Cavalcade batteries have that extra hole for the water level sensor.  That can be defeated while letting you still keep the other functions, the gear indicator, etc.  That allows you to use a cheaper battery, however there's another thing you can do: add a battery isolator switch.

The Cade battery is a pain in the butt to get to, so I went to Kragens, bought a battery switch, put it on the positive line, mounted it inside the right side fairing compartment.  You need to make sure you take that clock wire and run it thru the switch as well, since that clock/computer unit pulls almost 5 milliamps all by itself, which will run your battery down in about 7 weeks all by itself.  Then of course you need to set the clock again every time you start up, because it will come up showing 1:00 AM.  Otherwise, Cavalcades eat batteries for lunch.

While I was at it, I ran a wire from the positive terminal into that fairing compartment, so now I can attach a trickle charger without taking out several screws, just open the cover with the key.  I rigged a trickle charger to the light bulb socket in the garage door opener so my battery gets about a 4 minute charge twice a day.  That cheapy battery I bought has lasted like a champ since I made these mods. 


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Hey Gang,

As I've been through a battery or two, I asked about battery maintenance at the Yuasa factory when I went on a plant tour (near Reading PA.)  Of course, they had an axe to grind, but made a lot of sense.  Their main point was that, if it's a motorcycle battery and made in the US, it's Yuasa (no matter who it's sold by, or badged as.)  The cheap ones originate in places like Taiwan or Mexico using local (read: inferior) materials.  Yuasa's advice (and my experience bears it out) was that you can nurse 2 good years of touring use out of a cheap import battery (I'm sure somebody on this list has gotten more, sorry...)  But you can keep a Yuasa alive for twice that long with normal maintenance and a lot less worry.  So, the economics work out pretty much even; it's just a matter of whether you're lazy like me and don't want to baby sit a battery that's hard to get to.

Bob G

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I bought a Champion battery at PEP Boys (east coast auto parts chain) for about $45 2 years ago.

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Hey Bob:

When I went for a new battery, I went to my dealer and Sears - both wanted about $80 - however Sears needed to order it...

Some others claim to have good luck at their local Wal-Mart (no luck at ours) for about half that.  Had to drop the $80 at my dealer...

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 Hello All,

My dealer has just informed me that I need a new battery.   My experience  with  dealers is that they will charge twice as much for  a battery as what you  would spend somewhere else.  Any suggestions?

 Bob Morse