Brake Parts

Suzuki, during the time they made the Cavalcade, used many parts that were common to more than just their bikes.  For example, my 86 LX came with coated levers and the brake and clutch reservoirs were also plain (gray) coated.  I swapped mine for those from a 1400 Intruder (chromed).  It adds a lot to the appearance.  

A former Cade rider I know, replaced his also, along with the front brake lines from the Intruder, which were steel, spring covered.  Now, you'll have to find a parts guy who is willing to work a little to find the common items, but they are there.  They'll just have to look.

There is more after-market stuff than most of us are able to find.  I needed to replace my rotors.  The O.E.M's. were outrageous.  A friend of mine, who has a motorcycle accessories shop, found the rotors for the Cade at E.B.C.

I have replaced my clutch and springs, with a Barnett clutch.  What a difference!

I am going to try to compile a list of other parts and send them later, along with some pictures of my bike.  On item is the driving light bar, which I made from a 1200 Gold Wing.  It looks like it was made for the Cavalcade.

Bill Brooks
86 LX  Dark Cherry

Here are two places where the guys will go out of their way to help:

Chrome and Stuff

Nashville, Tennessee

615-847-0637  Ask for Gary

Also .......

The Parts Depot (A Suzuki Dealer, somewhere in New Jersey)

800-245-3101  Ask for Robert