Question:  Any ideas on where I can find a used CB antenna for my bike?  I've priced them at Suzuki and they're about $90.  I want one like my radio antenna, which "folds over" when I want to put the cover on the bike.  Anyone have one they'd sell, or know of a salvage yard that would have one?  I've called a number of the yards that advertise in the back of Cycle World with no luck. 


Answer: Add On Accessories makes an antenna bracket for mounting an antenna on 1980-83 GLS wings - p/n #424-062. $39 (Canadian)   This bracket can be cut & inserted inside the end of our radio antenna bracket and brazed in place to allow a CB antenna on the other side.  I just did this & it works fine.  I then added a CB antenna from Add On Accessories - p/n 673-629 $69 (Canadian).