Cruise Control Does Not Work

First, let's understand when the cruise control is supposed to work.  There are several conditions that must be met, or the cruise control will not work:

Additionally, pressing and holding the "Set" button will decrease speed.  Pressing and holding the "Resume" button will increase speed.  By using these buttons, you can "fine tune" the speed setting of the cruise control.

The cruise control will disengage if you do any of the following:

Occasionally, your cruise control light might stay on, but it fails to maintain speed.  If this happens, turn the cruise control off, then turn it back on and re-select your speed.  This will reset the cruise module.  Nobody seems to have an answer as to why this occurs.  It usually happens after accelerating to speeds higher than the set cruise speed.

If It Doesn't Work At All

A very common problem that Cavalcade owners have is the cruise control failing to work.  This is especially common if the owner having the problem is not the original owner.  The most likely problem is the Clutch Safety Switch has been bypassed.

A previous owner of your Cavalcade has probably had a problem with the bike starting.  More than likely, what you will find is that the wires to the Clutch Safety Switch have been cut and twisted together.  Here's what to look for:

1.)  Locate the Clutch Safety Switch. It's a very small box, located on the bottom side of your clutch lever, where the lever pivots.  There is a single Phillips screw that holds the box in place and 2 wires (in a black sleeve) that enter the box.

2.)  If there are no wires entering the box, look for them on your handlebar.  They will probably be twisted together and taped.  If you do not find them on the handlebars, look in the fairing from the top.  They are in there somewhere and probably near the steering shaft.  You are looking for the end of a black wire, where the ends are taped together.

3.)  If you find that the wires enter the clutch switch box, remove the box by removing the single Phillips screw.  Be careful when removing the box.  There are a couple of small parts that will fall out.  Keep in mind that just because the wires enter the box, does not mean they are properly connected to the switch contacts.

4.)  If the wires are soldered to the contact board, check the solder carefully to make sure that someone did not add solder to the connection to join the connections.  There should be no continuity between the 2 contacts.

5.)  More than likely, you will find the wires twisted together inside the switch housing.  If you find the wires twisted together, you have just found why your cruise control does not work.

For more information about the Clutch Safety Switch, please read the article titled "Bike Will Not Start" located on the Maintenance Page of  This article gives detailed information on the functions of the Clutch Safety Switch.

Bob Ramsey