Electric Clothing

With the cold weather starting to arrive, one of the best ways to extend your riding season, is to have an electric jacket or vest to keep you warm and comfortable.

Electric vests and jackets are commercially available but can be expensive $250ea.I have made my own electric jacket and have been using it for the last couple of seasons with great results. I took a lined summer jacket and inserted the wire between the lining and tacked it in place with thread and needle

Basically, it is fine Teflon coated wire which warms up when 12 volts DC is applied.  60 feet draws about 3 amps, giving you 36-40 watts of comfortable heat. The wattage can also be modified, by changing the length of wire.  Changing the wire length will also change the power consumption and the amount of heat generated. 

(Note from Bob Ramsey - Be careful about cutting the wire too short.  A short wire can generate a tremendous amount of heat, resulting in severe burns to you and your jacket.)

Since some of the commercial jackets draw about 6-7 amps / 80 watts bikes with a limited amount of charging capability will find this homemade jacket with reduced power consumption easier on the electrical system.

A switch and connector on a 10 amp fused line is also needed.