Move your handlebars to the rearward position for better handling.

Instructions for Setting Back Cavalcade Handlebars

1. On the steering head cover, there's a black rectangular (but curved)  piece that snaps out. Remove this piece and the two screws inside.

2. Remove the plastic locking ring from around the ignition switch, by  twisting it about 1/8 turn, counter-clockwise.

3. Remove the black plastic steering cover, which is now loose.

4. Remove the bolts that are holding the handlebars on and remove the caps.  Be careful with the handlebars. They will drop suddenly and can damage your  bike.

5. There are 2" cradles for the handlebars that are connected to the  steering head. These need to be turned 180* to the rearward position. There  are bolts on the bottom side of these cradles, but you may be able to turn  them around without loosening these bolts.

6. Once the cradles are in the rearward position, replace the handlebars.

7. Replace the caps and bolts, but do not tighten them yet.

8. Sit on the bike and get a feel for the elevation of the handlebars. This  is easier if you have someone help you.

9. Once you have the elevation position you want, tighten the bars.

10. Replace everything, reversing the removal process.