Headlight Adjustment

1.  Place motorcycle on center stand, 25 ft. from garage door, or other wall. 

2.  Measure from ground to center of headlight and make note of this measurement.  This will be the "level" measurement.

3.  Place a mark on garage door or other surface at the same height as the level measurement.  Tape works well and is removable.

4.  Place a mark 6 inches above and another mark 6 inches below the level mark.  There should now be 3 marks on the surface.  The level mark is not used and can be removed at this time.

5.  Adjust the headlight using the upper and lower marks.  The low beam should be centered on the  lower mark and the high beam should be centered on the upper mark.


Headlight adjustment is going to vary according to the load your bike will be carrying and the shock adjustments.

(These instructions were sent to me by Robert Lashua, a CUSA member. ~Bob)