Heater?  The Cavalcade has a HEATER?

Do you know that the Cade has heater vents?  They are located up front inside the engine area.  If you look at the Cade from the side you will notice just in front of the rear (engine) cylinder, the bodywork will have a small black piece which comes down and forms a triangle shaped space.  If you reach your hand in that triangle shaped space, keeping your hand flat and reaching straight forward (toward the front of the bike), you will feel a lip next to the front part of the engine.  If you place your fingers on the inside of this lip and pry the fingers outwards, you will open a heat vent which will pull engine heat out to warm the front and backs of your lower legs.

If these are open in the summer the heat is horrible at a stop light and you can feel it during riding too.

During the cooler days, you open these and you will feel warmth wrapping around you at slow speeds but I really feel it's benefit at 55 mph+.

FYI, You can do this even if the engine is hot, just be careful.  If you shine a flashlight into this area aiming it towards the front you will see the vent and maybe get a better idea of what I am talking about.  I owned my 
Cade for 6 months before I was aware of these vents.  They really do help.

(Important Note:  Do not attempt to open or close these vents while you are riding.  It's almost impossible to do while you are riding, plus it is very dangerous to try.)

Gary Fairfield

More On The Heater

The Cavalcade was designed with Summer/Winter riding vents.  For Summer riding, close the two lower vents (ones  described above) and open the two upper vents that are on either side of the ignition cowling.  Reverse this procedure for Winter riding.

In Winter, this system is designed to put a column of warm air on the shins of your legs and onto your hands at the handlebar grips.  In the Summer, it is designed to bring the air into the rider's environment, without passing it through the radiator or over the engine.  This system really does work!!

Glendale, AZ