Clarion Radio Will Not Change Channels

Submitted by Bob Ramsey

This is a very common problem with the Suzuki Cavalcade radio, which was made by Clarion.  It's not that the radio is a bad design.  The Clarion radio is a very good radio.  You have to keep in mind that these radios were made from 1985 to 1988 and have been exposed to many weather conditions over the years.

If you find that your Clarion radio turns on, but the channels will not change, your problem is the radio buttons.  There are 16 buttons on the Clarion radio.  One of these buttons is stuck in the "pushed in" position.  This prevents any other button from working.

Don't try to repair these buttons, it's not worth the effort.  They are available at DigiKey for less than 25 cents (U.S.) each.  Check on the Parts Information Page of this site for the address to DigiKey.  You will also find the name and address of someone who is experienced in repairing the Clarion radios.

Is the Clarion radio worth fixing?  Absolutely !!  First of all, this is the original equipment for the Cavalcade and is designed to work with the Cavalcade's electrical system, including the handlebar controls and passenger controls.  Second, it controls your intercom system.  Most importantly, a new Clarion radio for the Suzuki Cavalcade costs about $2700 (U.S.).  Yes, that's two thousand seven hundred American dollars.  Sadly, some previous Cavalcade owners have discarded these radios, not knowing their value.

Now that you know about your Clarion radio, please visit the Parts Information Page to get your radio properly repaired.

If you are inclined to try replacing these switches yourself, read this.

No Sound To The Speakers

Submitted by Al Braught

Check the 3 amp fuse in the right-hand fairing, by the battery.  There are a number of fuses in there.  When this fuse blows, the display stays blank and there is no sound to the speakers.  If it blows again, there is a short and you'll have to meter out the circuit.  

Usually, there is no short.  Ask me how I know ???   I spent 6 hours one night tearing apart my fairing, only to call Jeff Watts (CUSA member & President of SCNA) and have him remind me about the fuse that he had already told me about when we installed the CB the year before.

Radio Loses Station Presets

Submitted by David

There is a battery for memory retention.  It is soldiered in.  Maybe Radio Shack would have one to replace it if you got the number to them.  You will have to take the radio apart to get to the battery for the part number.

It's been about a year and a half since I had my radio apart.  I don't remember having a lot of difficulty getting the battery exposed.  I was exploring at the time, trying to find out why the switches were not working.  I ended up taking the unit to a local repair shop to get all the switches replaced, along with the tape unit cleaned and a new drive belt installed.  I don't think they replaced the battery though.  You will have to take the radio out of the frame it is mounted in and remove the cover opposite to the one the tape player is mounted to.  I don't remember if this cover will come off without taking the frame off the radio.  The battery is round and about 1" long.  It's sitting in plain view when you get the cover off the radio.  It should be easy to replace if you can find one.  Once the battery is exposed, as a precaution, I think before I unsoldered it from the circuit board, I would go to a local electronics store and let them match it up with a new one.  Hope this helps.

David 86 LXE

Do You Have A Cavalcade CB Radio - Read This

If you have a Cavalcade CB, you should also have a 'MEMORY' toggle switch that allows you to turn off the built-in channel memory.  It is also recommended that you turn this memory off, if the bike is going to sit for more than a week... it will draw the battery down. (for the location of the CB Memory Toggle, see next article below)

Glendal, AZ

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Webmaster's Note:

If you have a factory installed CB radio and each time you turn it on the channel goes back to channel one (1), the chances are your CB Memory toggle switch is turned off.  Please read the next article for the location of the switch.

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Location Of The Memory Toggle For CB

I don't know if this switch is located in the same place on all Cavalcades.  With mine, you stand in front of the bike and reach under the edge of the fairing, just under the headlight.  The "up" position turns it off, the "down" position turns it on.

Jay Johnson