After-Market Radio Add-Ons

Intercom, CB and Antennae Information

My system works great! I bought the following

1 - Eurocom model "Autocom" intercom setup $199.  Comes with 1 power lead, 1 driver lead, 1 passenger lead, 1 radio lead, 1 CB (aux) lead, 1 remote PTT (Push To Talk) lead (need the PTT plug in if you want to use it), 1 volume lead (I've never used it, default volume is plenty loud) - all leads solidly wired in in rubber cable with 5 pin connectors, 2 - Boom microphone headsets (we have 3/4 helmets)+/- $70 ea, 1 - R-PTT-Mute-VOX (Voice Activated) remote switch +/- $39, 1 - extension lead (comes in straight or coiled - extra 4') +/- $40.

Cobra HH 45 WxSt (Handheld 40 channel CB with 5 channel weather radio w/their "Sound Tracker" feature (?))  I like listening to the weather radio when I'm riding - don't want to get stuck in flurries!  $99 from

That adapter is available on Page 141 of JC Whitney's catalog #629r (part #03NT9294x) to convert am/fm antenna into dual CB & radio.  I get no distortion on my radio from hooking it in; and I didn't get a meter! $17.95  My radio is a basic Sony Fm/AM Cassette XR-C5120 / 4890 ($79).  I just stopped in to my local gearhead radio shop and asked them for a cheap AM/FM cassette that'll support a remote controller.  Sony "Rotary Commander" RM-X4S $40.  I attached the "Rotary Commander" to where the stock radio control used to be on top of the turn signal unit near clutch reservoir.  Ran the wire down my handlebar and dropped it down the steering unit (under where the clock buttons are) and pulled it from under the front of the false tank where I keep the Sony radio.  It plugs right into the back of the radio.  (The adapter CB antenna lead comes up from the radio compartment the same way)

I wired my rear speaker leads off the radio into a 3.5 mm (like a Walkman plug) plug.  I fiddled with the connections until I had true left-right stereo.  The front radio speaker leads go to the faring speakers (which you can control from the joystick once you get the controls down!).

I keep the Eurocom unit in the right faring pocket.  I rubbed/sanded out about 1/8" of the edge of the cover so the 3 wires that come out (my lead, Joanne's lead, CB lead - speaker leads that were wired to the Walkman-like plug, and then plugged into the Eurocom 3.5mm female "radio" lead) go down from the right pocket to under the false trunk into the radio)

The headset just wedges in between your helmet liner and helmet wall and the two speakers fit in the ear cutout and stay with a dab of Velcro on the back and in the speaker cutout.

Works awesome, intercom, radio, CB, voice activated intercom and PTT CB that my wife can hear also!