Instructions For Repairing The Clarion AM/FM Radio

Suzuki Cavalcade (all models with the stock Clarion radio)

by Travis Conley


Important Note:  Please note each style of screw when you remove it, as there are several kinds in the radio and they must go back where they came from.


1. Remove radio from bike (easy part).

2. Remove 2 screws from each handle on radio.

3. Remove 2 screws from each side of radio about mid way down. 

4. Remove 6 screws that hold the casing to the radio (turn radio face down and you will see them).

5. Remove 4 screws from back of radio that hold the wiring harness to the casing.

6. You should be able to remove the case from the radio now.

7. Remove 8 screws that hold the radio faceplate to the body of the radio.  These  screws are sort of recessed into the faceplate on the back side.  Once again, put the radio on its face to do this.

8. Remove the 3 tape player buttons from the faceplate.  Do this carefully as they can break and that is a pain to fix.

9. The faceplate should come off now.

10. You will now see four wiring plugs that need to be unplugged, two on the radio and two on the face plate.  You should now have the face plate in your hands, separate from the radio.

11. All the switches are in the faceplate.  They will look a little different from the ones you are getting from Digi-Key, but that is a good thing.  They work!

12. You will see several circuit boards in the faceplate.  All of these will need to be unscrewed and/or de-soldered, so you can get to the switches in the backsides.

13. Now comes the fun part (ha ha).  De-solder all the old switches carefully and put the new ones into their places.

14. Make sure you solder the new ones in solidly so they make good contact.

15. Trim the extra length of the switches off after soldering them in.

16. Note:  To get to either 6 or 8 of them (I can't remember),  you will have to de-solder the shield on the back side of the board.  Don't forget to put this shield back when you are finished.

17. Put the radio back together just like it came apart.  Be sure to plug the 4 wiring harnesses back in, before you put the faceplate back on.