These plans were submitted by Walter Overfelt, a CUSA member.

These are the only pictures I have of the hitch.   I covered the part that sticks out the  back, with polished stainless steel, and used the receiver installation.  I made the trailer too and utilized a full swivel hitch, which was also homemade.  Hope these are good enough.


Walter n Maryland



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Words Of Wisdom


Here are the trailer hitch plans and measurements taken off my hitch.  There are 4 pages, so hang in there.


1. Do Not do any welding directly on the bike, due to the complex electrical system.

2. When you are finally installing the finished hitch on the bike, leave all nuts and bolts loose, to facilitate the installation.  Tighten after all bolts are in place.

3. Side bars may need to be spread to facilitate OUTSIDE fit at muffler hanger points.

4. There is a lot of fabricating and fitting, welding and cutting.  I built mine from scratch in about 6hrs.  If you remove the curved inner brace, you can copy the bolt patterns and distances for the HANGER braces.  I made mine like this and it's close to what I have seen on other bikes.  I know it is strong enough FOR ME.




The Finished Product

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Cade&Trailer.jpg (57607 bytes)HomemadeTrailer.jpg (46932 bytes)HitchClose-Up.jpg (55496 bytes)

They are somewhat dark, but you can see this set-up works.

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