Would You Like To Make A Windshield For Your Cavalcade?  Here's How.

There are basically 3 windshields for the Cade:
* Factory Suzuki windshield
* Slipstream windshield - about same size as original & made of Plexiglas
* Precision Plastics windshield - taller and wider & made of Lexan.

Now there's another windshield ... one that you will make.

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Gentlemen ,
I enlarged, and replaced my windshield on my Suzuki 1100 GL , bought a sheet of Lexan from a plastic supplier, used a marker taped to a 3 inch rule and used my old yellowed-out windshield as a template, cut it out with a band saw, drilled out the mounting holes, and then trimmed the edges with the chrome plastic fender molding you get at any auto store. Cost me $40.00 then, 3 yrs now.

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I did the same thing last year on my GS1100GK...but bought the biggest Goldwing windshield I could find in the JC Whitney catalog. used my old windshield as a template, and cut it down with a scroll saw.  I used the top as it was designed and only cut and drilled across the bottom.  The trim covered up the rough edge.  Cost me $35.

I decided against the sheet of Lexan for one main reason...the windshield I
replaced had quite an arc, and we were afraid that the Lexan would try to
straighten itself back out and pull the hardware out of the fairing.


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You can smooth the edges using sand paper to remove the saw marks, then use a butane torch to lightly melt the edge and it will shine. If you get bubbles then you left the flame on the plastic too long.

Al California

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Hello Fellow Caders,

Just wanted to let you all know that I decided to try and make a new taller Windshield like I had been told that others had done from this group.  

I bought a 3'x3'x1\8" thick piece of Lexan, put my old Windshield on top of it and traced around, then measured 4.5" up from top of old Windshield, slid the old shield up to that mark and traced the top.  Then I finished the sides by hand to the same degree as original to meet the top.  Cut it with a table type jig saw, touched up edges with a sander, drilled out holes with 1\2" drill bit (had to drill 3 holes right next to one another to make slot) used a Dremmel tool to grind out what the drill left.  

I had a friend install the screws while I flexed it to create the arch that is needed, bought some black rubber/plastic door edge molding with adhesive already in the slot to go up the sides and across the top to cover up the rough edge from the saw. 

I took it for a test drive and got up to 80mph and it works great!!!!!!!!  Total cost was $62.80 and took about 4 hours to do.  So anyone that wants a new taller Windshield, you don't have to pay $140.00 for a Precession Plastics Windshield.  Just make your own.

Brian in IN