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Hi Bob,

Last fall I ordered new mufflers from Mathieu's Custom Exhaust, the same company
that everybody was talking about after last year's Americade.  They are louder than the stock mufflers and I really like them.   People in cars notice me now because of it.   They have a nice deep rumble at idle and gets a little louder in 1st and 2nd gear, but at cruising speeds the sound is just perfect.  That sound makes me feel much safer on the road.   They underline the body of the bike in a very nice way also. 


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A nearby member (David May) took his Cavalcade to the shop so they could determine the proper fit for the Cavalcade.  The mufflers and parts can now be duplicated for the members of the group.   They are made out of stainless steel and polished to a luster.  The price is $650 for a set of two.  They fit in place of the stock ones with no problems, so mounting is very easy.


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I think we had a very good source of mufflers here ( with Mathieu's ).  When I was looking for a set, the Suzuki dealer give me a price $299 /ea and added that they are not available anymore.

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I love "our" web site, it is a constant source of information about my bike.  I have also met some good people there.  Thank you.

Best regards


86 LX



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Subj: [Cavalcade_USA] look/sound bad
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Boys and girls,

If you not only want to 'look', but also SOUND just have to have
pipes made for the Cavalcade by Mathieu's Custom Exhaust.......

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