Do you want Cavalcade ACCESSORIES??  How about a BELT BUCKLE, or a Cavalcade JACKET?  That's not all you find!  You MUST see what they have to offer.

Check it out  HERE


Tracy's Online Cavalcade Store is



Amsoil Filters

Martin & Lori Gilmore
2701 Short Road
Newark, NY 14513

Air Filters

  (Could Last A Lifetime)


New Price !


This filter can be cleaned, dried & re-oiled and used many, many times.

$41.46   $34.95 includes the filter, filter oil and shipping.  This is a special price for CUSA members, thanks to  KennG


There's not many left, so HURRY


Once they're gone, they're GONE



Cavalcade Screen Saver

Note: Clicking this link will start a download.  This file is safe & will not cause harm to your computer.

Screen Saver

This is the Suzuki Cavalcade Screen Saver that you've heard everyone talking about.  Watch as the Cavalcades roll by on your screen.  Created by Greg Toennies, a CUSA member.





Fully adjustable air deflectors, are designed to make riding more comfortable in all weather conditions.  They can be easily adjusted to any position between fully open and fully closed to suit the rider's needs depending on the temperature and weather conditions.


Utopia Products Inc


330-670-9733 (fax)


Email Them

 Driver's Backrests

For the Suzuki Cavalcade.  

$149.00 plus shipping

Click Here for some great information


Tour King Half Covers


Half Covers

Protect your investment with a half cover.  To see a picture, click here

As of December 2001, these were $43 (U.S.) for the Cavalcade.


"Day-Long" Saddle

Jay Says:

"I'm a big fan of this seat.  The first thing I did when I bought the Cade, was to have the Day-Long Saddle installed."


Cup Holder

According to Brian, a CUSA member, this is a great addition for the pilot, or co-pilot.  Brian adds, "Beverages are not included."


Cycle Care Formulas, Inc

Cleaner / Polish

The rider's choice to clean, polish and protect!


WIZARDS Motorcycle Products

Check out their full line of products


Restoring Black Plastic & Rubber

Jerry Tennant & George Croissant recommend a product  that restores the black trim on vehicles.  It is called Wizards Black Renew.  It works very well on rubber and other surfaces that are not too smooth.  It works great on the saddle bag lids for example. 


George said, "It also did a tremendous job on my CB control pod on the handlebars.  It was so faded that it looked light gray.  Now it looks black again and it even made the lettering stand out much better than before.  One thing that I found that it really didn't work very well on is the smooth hard plastic surface of  the inner fairings.  For some reason it leaves them streaked."


Bike World

Ask for "Tak"
408-245-4888 (Voice)

408-245-6153 (Fax)

Miscellaneous Accessories

Just to let everyone know, I have hooked up with a dealer here in Sunnyvale, who has put our club in his database.  Anyone who calls him to order parts just has to say they are from Cavalcade_USA and he'll give a 15% discount.   (Submitted by Jerry)


After-Market Heaven

(not the name of the site)                    


Miscellaneous Accessories

This site is supposed to have lots of after-market accessories for motorcycles.   You may  find something here you've been looking for.


Motorcycle Accessory Warehouse


Miscellaneous Accessories

You may find what you've been looking for at their site.


B & H Specialties

1208 Simpson Drive

Hurst, Texas  76053


Seat Covers

For just about every bike out there, including  the Cavalcade.


Super Brace

Super Brace

Adds stability to the front-end and helps prevent "fork wobble."

Part  #3310   For late 1986 up. (VIN #103765  or above)



Motorcycle Luggage

Soft Luggage

The same folks who own and run the Songdog Ranch have a home grown business, making the Revpack line of motorcycle soft luggage.  They have a 20 year reputation for making quality tank bags, seat bags, cassette holders, map cases, tool bags, and a lot more.  For a free copy of their entertaining newsletter go to their web site.


Air Rider

Replacement Seats

Now you can replace that Suzuki Cavalcade seat, with a compatible seat.  They offer air bladders, gel, or a combination of both.  Check them out.





Check out the recommended tires and pressure for your bike.  This site is for all motorcycle brands and models.

Tire Size For Your Bike


Classic Industries

Brisbane Queensland


Phone 61(0)7 5472 7266


Trailer Hitches

for most touring bikes, including the Cavalcade.  Check out their Site.  They have trailers too.


Uni-Go Motorcycle Trailers

Trailers, Hitches, Accessories

Schoolhouse Motorcycle Accessories, Inc


Freedom Trailers

Trailers for motorcycles.  


15% discount to CUSA members 

on all items


Quicksilver Trailers

Trailers for motorcycles.  Check out their Website.


Fred Burger Motorcycle Trailers

Ulster Park, New York

We carry motorcycle trailers, motorcycle campers, cargo trailers, carriers, luggage racks, camping gear, enclosed trailers, hitches, and accessories. Our lines of motorcycle accessories include Timeout Trailers, Cycle Mate, and Easy Hauler.

This is the home page of where you'll discover online supply sources for  parts and accessories for your Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha cruisers, Gold Wings, Harleys, street bikes, sport bikes and off-road bikes.  We'll also help you find leather motorcycle apparel, like men's and ladies' leather biker jackets and leather pants.


Voyager Conversions

Trike your Cavalcade?

Have you been thinking about a trike?  Check out Voyager and have the best of both worlds.  Go from 2 wheels, to the feel of a trike, in 5 minutes.



Would you like to have a taller, wider windshield for your Suzuki Cavalcade?  Check out


Chrome / Billett


The Chrome Shop
540 25th Avenue

Rock Island, IL 61201
Ph. 309/786-3743
E-mail Them

Chrome and Chroming

Need some new chrome, or just some old things re-chromed?  Check them out.  They also buff & polish aluminum and will re-chrome brass, steel and zinc die-casting.


Mathieu's Custom Exhaust
79 Washington Street  

So. Attleboro, MA 02703 508-399-7352

Testimonial And Pictures Here

See What Wojo Had To Say About Them

Custom Exhausts For The Cavalcade

There has been a lot of talk in the group about a set of custom exhaust pipes on a Cavalcade Trike, seen at Americade.  Several people have asked where to get them.  They are stainless  steel and go for about $600 a set.  They're not chrome, but they look very good.


Billet Master Cylinder Caps

Tracy has done it once again.  Now you may purchase these Billet Master Cylinder Caps for your brake and clutch reservoirs.  They are available with the Cavalcade Rider, or the Suzuki "S" logo.



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