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Check out the great selection of L.E.D.s and other performance accessories.


WestCo Battery Systems Click the main Site link to find a maintenance free battery for your application.

If you want a Cavalcade battery for $79.95, click this shortcut

Maintenance-Free Battery

No more digging your battery out of the fairing, just to check the water.

WestCo boasts No Shipping Charges on their products.  Also their shipping time is about 5 - 6 days


Battery Tender by Deltran
801 US Highway 92E

Deland, FL 32724


Battery Tender

Battery Tender Jr. maintains the proper charge in your motorcycle battery while your bike is stored, without risk of damaging your battery or your stator.


Automatic Battery Float Charger

Keep your vehicle's battery fully charged. Use on 12V batteries while in storage or during cold weather. The floating circuit maintains a full charge without overcharging. Includes automatic safety shut off.


The Meter Center

Volt Meter

 I found this panel meter and ordered one.  There is not a volt meter on the Cavalcade. This meter is fully encapsulated in ABS and there is a sealing bezel for it.


The Electrical Connection

Knoxville, Tennessee 37912

865-922-8651 Business Phone

800-215-6168 Order Toll Free

865-922-8654 Fax

Driving Lights?

We may have a vendor here that will make electrical accessories for us.  Stay tuned for further updates.  Story at 11

Here's what the CUSA members have to say.


Electrex USA 

Regulator/Rectifiers  $136.00

Charging System Problems??  

They have a trouble-shooting index that will help you  isolate the problem.


Custom Rewind
2014 Pratt Highway

Birmingham, AL  35214


" This is a Mom and Pop business and does not take credit cards.  They did though, send me the rewound one with the understanding that I would send them back my old core along with the payment.  Don't see business like that anymore!   I told them I would pass along the information about their business to all of you."  ~ Roger

Cavalcade Stators - (with core trade)

Rewound Stators - $125

New Stators          - $140


Willie's Cycles

Camp Hill, Alabama


Talk to Troy


Regular Output    $129.95

High Output          $149.95

These are discounted prices to CUSA members.


Rick's Motorcycle Enterprises

Plaistow, New Hampshire         

1-800-423-1320 Ext 15 or 16


Potential Problem - Click Here

New Stators       $150.00 (regular price $160)

High output Regulator/Rectifiers   $110.00 (regular price $129) (They  make them)

You must mention CUSA and that the  discount is authorized by Donna.  These prices are the discounted prices. Also note that there are no shipping charges.



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