Worldwide Cavalcade Spreadsheet

by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Below is only a sample of what the entire database contains

Las 4 digits of VIN Trim Made when? Owner From Miles when you got her Miles now What failed when? (x1000) Air Compressor Radio Buttons Secondary Case Seals More, more, more
0080 86LX Feb-85 Bob BritishColumbia     Download Download Download Download Download
0085 86LX Feb-85 Jean Quebec   48125 The The The The The
0103 86LX Feb-85 Roger Ontario 65000 79000 Entire Entire Entire Entire Entire
0112 86LX Feb-85 Phil     7500 Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet Spreadsheet
0114 86LX Feb-85 Dave Ontario     Right Right Right Right Right
0129 86LX Feb-85 Tim Tennessee 4000 40000 Now Now Now Now Now
0147 86LX   Bryan Nova Scotia     * * * * *

If you would like to add your Cavalcade to this list, please download the entire list to see what information we need, then send this information to Spike.

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