Subj: [Cavalcade_USA] Vendor Review: The Electrical Collection
Date: 2/1/01 11:08:18 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Andy A)

Hi, All,

As the subject indicates, this is a recap of my shopping experience with 
The Electrical Connection, Knoxville, TX.

My contact with them came from, I believe, the mention of their site this 
last week in our Digest. The topic then was driving lights and their 
mounts. This place is a goldmine!

FYI, I've ordered the following:

1) A set of small chrome lights that mount on the outside of the mirrors 
and flash with the turn signals for view by those who may be alongside.
2) An ABS plastic repair kit.
3) A turn signal conversion kit that adds a red light to each of the rear 
turn signals, making them into running lights until the turn signals flash 
their normal amber color.
4) A Power Plate, which is relay-powered auxiliary fuse box for wiring 
5) A Handlebar Switch mount configured with a momentary switch, designed 
for handlebar-activated CB use (it could also be used with their Headlight 
Cutoff wiring for Light Parades, etc).

Total Cost: $134.25, plus shipping.

This is an interesting shop. Prices are very reasonable, and the gentleman 
who answered the phone was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. While 
the product was originally developed for the Goldwing, he's now developed 
product for every touring bike except the Cavalcade. He suggested that if 
I've any problems during installation, I should use the 800# to call for 

And I was reminded that he'd been contacted by someone wanting driving 
lights for our 'Cade. His comment was that if someone in or near Knoxville 
is willing to come to the shop for a couple of hours, they will make up the 
brackets for his machine in their shop (they manufacture their own product) 
and install the lights for free (they would then have the template for all 
future orders). I would imagine that if that person could stay awhile, or 
even leave the bike, the other systems could also be tailored to the 'Cade.

So Y'all who like to play with lights and such should go visit!

Midland, TX

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