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Issue #15 ~ October, 2001

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CADE RAID ~ 2002

The International Rally for Cavalcades

? CADE RAID 2002 is set for September 16-18, 2002 at the Honeysuckle Inn Resort in Branson, Missouri. You can visit their web site at

? Plans include exhibits and displays by suppliers; classes and workshops; rides through the scenic Ozarks; evening entertainment packages; an awards dinner and other surprises. Our goal is to gather at least 100 Cavalcades in one location.

? You should get your reservation in early. There are only 65 rooms blocked for our group with a special discounted rate. Half of those are already reserved. You must identify yourself as attending the Suzuki Cavalcade Owner’s Group meeting ("CADE RAID 2002") to get our group room rate. The Inn is giving us a tentative rate of $55.00 per night. They do not expect this to change. However they will not be able to guarantee this rate until September of this year. We suggest you book NOW to hold your room. ~ The room rate includes free continental breakfast, or you can opt for a full breakfast with a discount coupon instead. You can also book extra days at the same rate if you wish to arrive early or stay longer. The toll-free phone number for reservations is 1-800-942-3553. Those who wait until the last minute will have a difficult time finding lodging.



Sunday, 9/15/02

Arrival and Check-in at the Honeysuckle Inn Resort 

5:00 pm – 10:00 pm Exhibitor Set-up (Exhibitors Only)


Monday, 9/16/02

8:00 am – 10:00 am Exhibitor Set-Up

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Registration Open

9:00 am – 1:00 pm Self-Guided Tour of Branson 

10:00 am – 5:00 pm Exhibits Open

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Class or Workshop

2:15 pm – 3:15 pm Class or Workshop

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm Class or Workshop

4:30 pm – 5:45 pm Reception in the Cardinal Room

6:00 pm – 9:00 pm Welcome Dinner and Imax Theater Show


Tuesday, 9/17/02

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Registration Open

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Exhibits Open

9:00 am – 12:00 am Classes or Workshops

12:00 pm – 2:00 pm Ride the Ducks to Lunch:

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Group Rides

Evening (7:30 – 10:30 pm) "Country Tonite" Live Music & Comedy Show


Wednesday, 9/18/02

9:00 am – 12:00 noon Registration Open

9:00 am – 5:00 pm Exhibits Open

9:00 am – 10:30 am Classes or Workshops

11:00 am – 12:30 pm Classes or Workshops

2:00 pm – 5:00 pm Group Rides

Evening 7:00pm – 10:00pm Awards Dinner ~ Prizes and Awards


Thursday, 9/19/02 (Optional Day)

Spend the day at Silver Dollar City Theme Park and enjoy an evening dinner cruise and a show aboard the Showboat Branson Bell Cruise


Friday, 9/20/02 (Optional Day)

Enjoy a second day free at the Silver Dollar City Theme Park. OR, ride to Lake of the Ozarks or another area that provides us a day’s ride through the Ozarks before heading home.  Over-night stay at a local resort or motel.



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____ Tuesday Noon, "Ride The Ducks" Lunch @ $21.00 per Person: $ _______

____ Tuesday Evening Show "County Tonite" @ $22.00 per Person: $ _______

____ Wednesday Evening Awards Dinner @ $20.00 per Person: $ _______

____ Thursday Optional Day at Silver Dollar City Theme Park with Dinner Cruise and a Live Show aboard the Showboat Branson Bell @ $75.00 per Person: $ _______

(Includes A Second Free Day at the Silver Dollar City Theme Park)


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I have sent private emails to all that have ordered....and paid for....pins and patches that they will be sent Monday. There are three exceptions. Tom Fitzgerald, Dick Carter and Bryan Milliken for either no or bad email addresses. If you do not receive an email and think you should have, contact me immediately by private email. There are many that said they wanted them and haven't sent payment, I have them available but will now go on a first come, first serve basis. Anybody new wanting them I will still honor the original prices at this time. After I make final payment to the vendor I will be raising the prices as working with my own money then. ~ Dennis Vanill,, 220 South Ave., Medina, NY 14103

Guys, Have you received your patches and pins? If not, you are really going to be in shock when they arrive. The colors are so vivid! These are the prettiest patches we have seen in a long time. We can't stop looking at them. The pins are great quality and much larger than we expected. QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY!!!! Dennis, thank you for all of your work and attention to detail. We are so pleased with our "goodies". We are proud to be Cade owners. We love our bike and the Cade site with great people. Keep up the good work. ~ Barbara & Harlan Speidel '86 LX


All, I have only been a member here a short time, but your all a great source of help. I will be moving to NYC or northern NJ in the next 6 months. Should I let a moving company carry the bike or drive it down myself. I have little or no experience in cold weather driving and would like some guidance. ~ Bear Bike

"You say drive it down" where are you coming from? When in the next 6 months? Big difference between January and April! Any chance of storing it until April, May or June (Americade - Lake George, NY?) then bring it? ~ Al from Mass

OK Bear, My recommendation would be to rent or borrow a trailer designed for hauling motorcycles. The local bike repair shop where you are moving might even have one. There is "tie-downs" designed to secure the bike to the trailer. Larry (in Ohio) trailered his Cavalcade out here this year to join our Canadian Rockies Tour. He may have some tips. Good luck with your move.


Somewhere I read an article on winterizing that had some interesting points for the spring. The thing that stuck out was it said in the spring to run your motorcycle at high idle enough to fully warm it up, and then immediately drain the oil and refill with fresh oil. I think the reason was to remove any condensation? Well I can't seem to find it anymore, anybody have any interesting winterizing articles? ----- Brenden Walker DRB Systems Inc.

Brenden, This is how I winterize my Cade. Every two weeks I'll run it till the fan kicks on (about a half-hour). If the roads are clear and not much salt, I ride it for a half-hour. Put a half bottle of gum out in the tank each spring. ~ Mikey

Brenden, check out It has the whole list of things you already know and things you might not. It's a good reference at the very least. ~ Red Barber, ‘86 LX, Gold/Brown


Anyway, does anyone have any advice on a replacement saddle for an '86 GT? Something that stays comfortable after 1200 miles in one day. The stock unit is good until I start to perspire. I thought a unit made with some breathable material might help here. ~ IronButtBob

Check out It's a great help. ~ Gerry in NY

I bought my Cade with a set of half-inch diameter wooden ball seat covers on it. I couldn't wait to get home and get rid of the silly things, but, or perhaps butt, they are still there a year and a half later since they are so comfortable. I have not ridden more than 6 hours at a stretch, but that is 5 hours beyond discomfort on any other bike I have ridden. I do think I would like to try the sheepskin covers sometime, I believe they would work very well also. In fact, if I were to think about how to prepare for something like the Iron Butt, I think I would plan to use a couple quick-change types of seat covers simply for the added comfort of variety. My beaded seat covers are help in place by Velcro straps that wrap just under the seat and can be removed in seconds. ~ Chuck

I won a free Gel Seat upgrade from saddleman. I have not noticed any difference in the seat. The Manufacture told me that I wouldn't notice anything unless I drove over 200 miles. Well I have and still no change. ~ Mike C. ‘86LX


Has anyone imported a bike from Canada? After checking with US customs it seems to be somewhat involved. The big hurdle may be the EPA. Just wondered if anyone has gone through this (may be less involved than it appears) Thanks ~ Jim

Rick got his bike over here and he didn't seem to think he would have any trouble getting it over here.... You should check with him. He goes back and forth all the time. Have a great day ~ Nancy

When I purchased my 86 Cade last year it had the Gold Wing covers on the front wheel with the lights. When I took it apart the only modification was a bracket made to mount the cover to the Cade's fork and screw holes to the upper fork area. Not a big deal! I don't know what model or year the covers are for. ~ Don Dorion '86 LX

I am from Canada and moved to Nashville, TN. I wanted to bring my 82 GoldWing with me. I did and ended up not transferring it to the US. I ended up parting it on eBay and buying my 86 LX, good thing. The problem is the EPA and DOT. You will need a letter from EPA stating the emissions on that model and frame complies to the dated year of the bike to the U.S., this was not hard, the pipes had a EPA stamp on it. The kicker is the DOT. In Canada the speedometer is in metric, kilometers. To import the bike to the U.S. the speedometer needs to be in miles, on the big scale. All changes need to be certified by a Suzuki dealer and a letter stating the changed to DOT. That’s costly. The part cannot be installed by a Do It Yourself'r. Finally there is importation taxes, again costly. If you can declare the motorcycle as a vintage vehicle then the taxes are lower. But they have a book to state what is vintage. The best thing to do is phone Suzuki in California and ask them. I did for my 86 750 Intruder and ended up selling it in Canada, too costly again. I hope this helps, ~ Don Dorion '86 LX


I’m 145 pounds. I’m unusually used to lifting things with quite a bit of gusto. Lifting the back of a 600-pound piano 3' off the ground isn't much of a challenge. However, for the life of me I can't even budge my Cavalcade to get the center stand up. Not even close! Any tips? ~ Augie NJAGOSTINO1@AOL.COM

Augie, I know where you are coming from. At 6'2", 175 lbs., I could not get my 87 LX on the center stand either. I asked the same question to the group and the answer that worked for me is to roll the bikes back wheel onto a 2 x 6. I found the easiest way to do this is put a 1 x 6 and a 2 x 6 side by side in front of the back tire, and with little effort, you can roll up onto the 1 x6 first, then up onto the 2 x6. stop on top of the 2 x6, and you won’t believe how easily that bike will pop up onto the center stand. Hope this helps. ~ Brian in IN 87 tt Gray LX

Doesn't matter if you are vertically and inseam challenged or advantaged, until you master the technique, you're gonna have some anxious moments learning the best way for you. Just remember to leave the side stand down till you get the best of the bike. Right hand on grab rail, left hand on handle bar, right foot on the center stand lever. Stand her up, stand on the lever, rock back and pray like mad.... If I didn't win after three tries, she stayed on the side stand till next dance. ~ KennG

You guys are making this sound harder than it really is , Just do the 2x4 trick, The only hard part about this is getting it on the 2x4. Start with a smaller board, kinda like a ramp, once its on the 2x4, it will pop right up on the center stand. ~ T. G.

I have owned the 87 LXE. Now I have this '87. I have always put the bike on center by setting the bike balanced on the center feet. Then I grab the bag handle with my right hand and with my right foot on the center extension push down hard with my right foot while pulling up hard with my right hand. The bike jumps up on the center stand. I hope this helps you some ~ Marlon ’87, blk. Gray

I have owned my Cavalcade for 1-1/2 months. I'm 210 and rode a bicycle about 500 miles per month. So I'm in good shape for 54. I have a heck of a time getting my Cade on the center stand. I have to stand with all my weight on the foot extension and pull up with about all my strength to get it up. So I don’t know if all Cavalcades are the same with regards to the frame resting height vs. the center stand length. I'm sure going to get me some boards for the rear wheel, thanks! ~ Joe

Joe, I was in your boat up until not too long ago. Reading this group's e-mail I came across one that said to put the bike on the center stand there were a couple of easy steps: 1. If possible, fill the shocks as though riding double 2. With bike upright, put cent stand down until it touches the pavement 3. Rock the bike forward and then back to the center stand twice and on the 3rd rock, pull up using your right hand on the "grab bar" by the rear seat. I've begun using this approach and have been able to get the bike up on it's center stand on my own every time (without busting a gut!). Just takes some patience and getting used to holding the bike in a vertical position when standing beside it. Key here is to make sure both sides of the center stand are touching. Try it, you'll like it. ~ Dennis

I never put my bike on the center stand because I can't do it my self. My friends do it for me. It’s embarrassing, I'm 29 years old and 205 Pounds. I'd tried but I'm afraid to drop the bike ( It happened twice already). But now I'll try the advice that you guys had give. I'll let you know the results. ~ Tony in LA ‘86 LXE.

Put your side stand down, and you will not drop bike when you put it on center stand. ~ Dan ‘86 Gray GT

You really don’t need a board or any thing else. It’s in the technique. Make sure both center stand post are touching the ground when you push down on the lever while holding the grab bar. ~ Larry

I weigh #150 and stand 5'5". When putting my Cade on it's center stand I push down on it and make sure both feet are touching equally on the pavement. Then grabbing that handrail and the left handle bar I push hard at an angle with my foot and up she goes. Honestly this is the easiest bike I've owned to get on the center stand. It's intimidating because you feel like it could dump over and there's 9203's to pick up but Suzuki seemed to design this well where it has less of a tendency to tip over if you fail to get it up on the stand. ~ Doug Jensen

My problem is not the 900 pounds of motorcycle I have to get up on the stand. It's the 100+ pounds of junk I have packed into the saddlebags and rear box. All that weight hanging out on the rear end is just adding to the leverage against me. I still do manage to get it on the stand, but it ain't always on the first try. ~ Jay

OK. guys, I got the messages!!!!!!! I don't have the technique to put it on the center stand, but I'll keep trying.
And when I drooped the bike was on the other side (right side) and I was on top of it!!!!!!!!!! And still it's embarrassing. ~ Tony in LA, ‘86 LXE.

Heck Tony....don't be embarrassed bout dropping the bike.....Heck Lar and I are becoming experts at walking off it when it goes down....and it is always in front of a crowd. Like Americade...when about 15 people tried to pull the bike back up and pulled my leg across the bike like a wishbone... it was such a site to see. You just learn to roll with the flow.... Lar puts his back to the side of the bike and squats and then walks it back up... Keep practicing with the center'll get the hang of it. When Lar first bought the bike I told him if he ever took me down on it I would never get on it again.......well how stupid was have to get home somehow...... Ride safe...and have fun.... Have a great day ~ Nancy


What the heck is a RE-5?

Isn't that the Wankel Rotary engine Suzuki?

Yup, it had a 550cc rotary engine and was perhaps Suzuki's most innovative venture. There is one for sale....
Description:: 1975 Suzuki, RE-5, $2,850, World Of Wheels International, Atlanta, (404)-351-8959.  Price: $2,850.00 Location: Atlanta, GA



I would like to get the pro's advice on a problem I have for two weeks now. Down here in Belize City , with the hurricane season on high, the rain pours every week, then I can't ride as I would like, so after three weeks not using the bike , she decided to don't start. The battery is fine , looks like want to start but doesn't , is like gas does not pass to the carbs. But all the rest seems OK . Any advice? Thank you again. Ride safe! ~ Luis Meyer-thor, Cavalcade LX 1986, Cavalcade 1986 GD, GoldWing 15 SE 95


Just where is the transmission oil disappearing/i.e.: the sight glass (that's engine oil as well) or is the secondary gearbox continually low? If you go to the Suzuki Cavalcade web site there's an article I submitted that I diagnosed over a period of two seasons with the engine to secondary seal leaking. Feel free to E-mail me personally on this subject. Ride safe & keep those oil levels in check. ~ Walter N Maryland


Ken, what did you say about a jinx and the speedometer cable going out for one person then going out for about four others? Well add Dan to the list cause his went out Sunday morning. ~ Molly


Molly, Have Dan check the cable before ordering it , because most of ours turned out to be the speedo head down by the wheel at 30,000 plus miles. ~ Larry


My ‘86 LXE seams to be running real rich. The tips of the exhaust pipes are black and the fuel mileage is bad. I don’t really notice the smell just cruising down the road, its after I let off the throttle it smells rich. Does anyone know if the carb mixture is adjustable and how it’s done? or maybe I have some other problems? Thanks ~ Tom


Check the diaphragms for the slides and the air cleaner. ~ Tracy


I was reading the "Maintenance" section on the site and noticed the one guy talking about his clutch not having any "feel" after he rides at high speed. I had the exact same problem. After about twenty miles at 70MPH plus on a hot summer day, the clutch lever would be non-existent. You could pump it up, but the longer you rode the worse it got. I talked to my dealer and he told me to change to BelRay Dot4/5 Brake Fluid. Solved the problem immediately and it hasn't returned in 50K miles. ~ Bob L


I’m looking for information dealing with clutch that disappears when riding bike on the interstate, yet works ok when normal driving on streets or when bike cools after highway driving. ~ Mark


Sounds like a problem I had and finally cured. The manual calls for use of Dot 4 fluid, but that's hard to find, and, I figured I'd use the standard Dot 3. After renewing my clutch fluid, I found that cruising on the interstate, my clutch "went away" and I would have to squeeze the lever 2-4 times to restore the function. First thought it was a leak in the line, but fortunately, that wasn't the case. If you look at the specs on Dot 3 and Dot 4 fluid, you will see that the boiling/vaporization point is much higher for Dot 4. Seems the clutch fluid line runs down right by the HOT engine. . .so. . .you got it, the Dot 3 fluid was being vaporized in the line and you overcome it by squeezing the lever and moving more fluid down the line. When I drained the fluid and put Dot 4 fluid in, the problem went away and hasn't surfaced again. Need to exercise caution though and not decide to go to the Dot 5 level. That's a synthetic and will work great, but you have to ensure your system has been completely evacuated to preclude contamination. Dot 3 & 4 can endure some intermingling, but Dot 5 will not tolerate it. Hope this helps. ~ Dennis

Thanks for the response. I am having the system flushed and refilled with dot 4. I hope it cures it. ~ Mark


I have an '86 LX with 80,000 miles on it. My forks started leaking a couple of years ago so I replace all the seals and put in new fluid. But still they leak. Anybody have any suggestions for repairing them or do I need to look for new forks. ~ Doug Jensen, Nevada City, CA

I am new to this [bought my Cavalcade in September] but in my other Suzuki GS I used auto transmission oil which is compatible with the seals, at least on my GS seals. This seems to work great in the front fork of the GS. This is only a guess on my part and might be worth a try since automatic transmission fluid acts differently on the seals than regular oil [I think it slightly expands the seals]. Others will know more than I about this treatment and I might be giving wrong info on this. ~ Joe

Doug, If the forks are badly grooved or scratched, you need to replace them. :You probably should have replaced the slider bearings - top & bottom - as well. ~ Denny Potoczky, 86 Cavalcade LXE, 99 Kawasaki Nomad, South Bend, IN

Hello over there! I see that some owners are having problems with the air compressor. So did I too...I was struggling with it for several years. But by coincidence I found I Honda GL 1500 totally wrecked at the local junkyard. The Honda air compressor is quite different from the cavalcade unit. But sorry to say---I believe it is a better construction. By using 2 relays and a totally different wiring I was able to make it work on the Cavalcade----and it still is okay after 3 years. If you would like to find out how I did it---get in contact with SCCN in Norway. a detailed description can be found in our magazine or by getting in contact with our web master (I don’t remember exactly--but the wiring diagram was sent to our club so it can be available to everybody.) Enjoy the cavalcade. Yours, ~ Bernt Kristensen, SCCN, Norway


Hi group, I would like to know if anyone like J C Whitney sells a replacement adjustment cable for the Cade headlight, or does anyone have a quick fix for the rounded ends of the cable? Thanks, ~ Blake 86LX

Blake, Have never seen one in their catalog? My guess is you will have to go OEM. ~ Dennis Vanill


I hope this can help you . take the rounded end and get someone to put a little braze on it. but watch the heat you cant get it to hot .After you do that just file or grind it square to fit .The braze keeps the wire all together and it makes a nice job. ~ Dan



Hey, any of you guys tried to glue or repair Cade farings? I took off my left half and it really isn’t as bad as it looked originally. All the actual material is still there, it just has a really nasty crack. I wonder if PVC glue on the other side might hold it together? Has it been tried? ~ Spike

Spike, I read an article not too long ago about a company in California that did plastic welding. They repaired failings, bags, etc. I don't remember where I read it though. Rider Perhaps? ~ Denny Potoczky

Spike, Tom has used a product called 40-40. It is a 2-part epoxy repair for plastics and ABS. His repair was still holding after about a year. I wasn’t able to find 40-40 locally, so just asked for a similar product at NAPA, but haven’t been able to try it out yet. Will do when season is gone and have time to tear it apart and repair it, without fear of missing a nice day to ride. Remember to rough up the surface and clean good before trying anything. And if the repair is on the inside, build it up for more strength. hope this helps ya. ~ Brian in IN, ‘87 tt Gray LX

Another idea... my mechanic accidentally dropped the lower right part of my fairing and cracked it. He was pretty mortified and begged me not to tell his boss. I suggested he us JB Weld to hold it together. He thought I was nuts until I mentioned I'd done it before and even had used it on radiators. The trick is to clean and sand the area properly... and use a paper towel (or even cloth) coated on both sides with JB Weld, coat the plastic area with a coat also. Let everything tack up and mush it together and let sit for 24 hours. This also worked on the front fender when it split from the front through the medallion area. Still holding after 4+ years. ~ Don Box

Hey guys, there is also a place in Milwaukee that does the plastics weld thing , I could get the name at work if it would help someone. ~ Gary, ‘86 Cade, Greenfield Wis.



I am having a problem with the channel switch on the left handlebar. It works moving the radio channel down but not up. I removed the radio and cleaned everything but it is still the same. 7,600 miles on my '88 Cavalcade. Thanks ~ Joe

Have you tried cleaning the switch? Have you replaced the tact switches in the radio? Both are probably needed to get everything back in working order. ~ Tracy

I will clean the handlebar switch but I have no idea where the tact switches are in the radio but I am willing to have a look if I knew where to begin. Thanks ~ Joe

Check for info on the tact switches. Also, go to to download the radio manual. ~ Tracy

Perfect, thanks for the info. I also found that pesky clutch lever switch that made me walk 2 miles last week. Thanks ~ Joe


My cassette player makes a noise like it is changing sides back and forth but won't play unless I give it a tap and sometimes that doesn't work. Has anybody encountered this problem before or have a possible remedy? Thanks. Kirby, 86 LX

Kirby, Go this link and download the radio manual ~ Tracy


Went to ride the Cade this 40-degree evening and the radio and intercom have no power. There are no lights on the radio and no sound etc. The web site says there is a 3-amp fuse on the right side of the bike by the battery. Does this fuse supply power to the radio, or is there another power source somewhere? I didn't see that info at a glance. I'm sure somebody has encountered this problem and it is documented somewhere. Just lead the way. Thanks! ~ T. Moore, PA ‘86 Cade

I had a similar problem, but the fuses were fine. Ends up there is some play in my ignition switch. Wiggle the key, radio comes on. Might be worth a quick try. ~ HeyJerr

No, it turns out it was the fuse. It was blown. ~ T. Moore



Does anyone have a spare speedometer cable? Mine broke on the way home from work and that means I have no cruise control, turn signal cancel, or auto-radio volume. I just need the inside part. Thanks ~ BIGDOG71162@AOL.COM 

I think JC-Whitney sell a speedo replacement kit that comes with a really long cable and a user installable end, so you can cut it to the right length. If I remember correctly it cost around $20 and should be better than a used cable. Probably a lot cheaper than a new one too. ~ Brenden Walker

BigDog, I was able to find two speedo cables through dealers (one here in VA, and one in AL). Suzuki part number is 34910-24A00. One cost me $21 and change and the other cost me $25 and change (it was a "special order"). Here is the URL for Casey Cycle City. They were the ones who put in the special order for my speedo cable. . If you are unable to find one, let me know and I'll sell you my spare. ~ Dennis

My dealer sold me a new one for about $25. Had it on the shelf! Good Riding, ~ David

Still looking for anyone with a busted bike that wants to sell the map case. let me know. ~ Ted 87 LXE


Does anyone have a rear bumper on a parts bike they would like to sell? Tom

I was just wondering if anyone had a switch panel for the onboard factory CB, it's the on/off switch and the squelch adjuster mounted in the left inner fairing just below the pocket.? If so and you want to part with it, E-mail me and we can talk cost ~ Walter n Maryland

Does anyone have any advice on a replacement saddle for an '86 GT? I need something that stays comfortable after 1200 miles in one day. The stock unit is good until I start to perspire. I thought a unit made with some breathable material might help here. ~ IronbuttBob

Bob, If you don't mind spending a few bucks, the most comfortable motorcycle seat for any model is the "Day-Long Saddle" by Russell. I have used them on all my touring bikes since the mid-1970s. You will need to send them your present seat along with side-view photos of you sitting alone on your bike with your feet your normal riding position. If you have a regular passenger, you'll also need to send side-view photos of both of you sitting on the bike in your normal riding position. Call them first to schedule the rebuilding of your seat. Here is the URL to their web site: ~ Jay


So here's my story. A few weeks ago I was run off the road, low speed step off, broke the left faring half. I mentioned it on this list, no offers, so I ordered a new part. Turns out it was not painted. So I sent it back, reasoning that if I need to paint it anyway, I would try to get a used part *of any color*. So here's the deal. I offer 100 bucks for a faring left half of any color. I offer 200 bucks for a maroon fairing left half, the one that matches the ‘86 GTG. I think there were some later maroon Cades, not sure if they were the exact same color. Perhaps Tracy knows or knows who knows. Are there any used parts dealers that I might call? What about that parts bike someone mentioned? What color is it and does it have a fairing left half? Who has it? ~ Spike

Does anybody have access to a new / nearly new battery band (battery hold down strap) for an LXE? This band has a large steel ring on one end. Part number is 09462-00088. The local Suzuki dealers in Ottawa, Ontario tell me the band is not available from Suzuki now. Don Sellers

What about using one the straps that hold your tool kit. Check the length. It may work. You can always find something to do with the tools. However, the Battery is another story. ~ Bob D., Indy / Gideon

Check with a Harley Dealer, some Harleys use a strap and it may be the length needed for the Cavalcade. I'll check the length of the strap and then check with the local Dealer. ~ Ride Safe, Fitz

I am looking for the little rubber bumper things that go on the end of the bottom chrome piece of the side trunks.... I need the left one but would buy both. They are the ones that slip on to the chrome bumper and form around the chrome rail. Thanks in advance. ~ Paul, 

Paul, I believe these are still available through your local Suzuki Dealer. ~ Bob, Indy / Gideon 


I think that I'm going to try to repair the wrecked bike. It is an early 86 LX. I need the complete faring among other things. If you have anything let me know. I also need the door that covers the radio so keep me in mind if you hear of anything that I might use. Thanks ~ Jim Roberts,


Hi All, One of our members in AL needs to get in touch with this person and find out how his bike has ' ring of fire''. I really would be interested in the set up for the Ring of Fire. phone is: 205-907-3995 ~ Dan

Ray, If you are talking about the lights around the rotor cover and that can be placed elsewhere here is the URL for them. ~ Dennis


Dan, I have seen something called the "Ring of Fire" at our local Target Store. It is a set of lights that run off batteries and attach to the inner part of the bike's wheels. When the wheel turns, there's a circle of light inside the wheels. ~ Jay

I think the Ring of Fire you're referring to is like the Ring of Fire rotor covers J.C. Whitney sells for the Gold Wing. No I haven't seen one for the Cade although it might be adaptable by a slight change in the caliper clearance holes. I think they're only fastened on by the axle bolt and kept from turning by sandwiching factor i.e. a washer. I haven't tried it as yet as they're really not my bag, but for any one interested, might be worth a try if the Cade and Wing rotors are the same diameter, or the Wing rotors are larger. If some one has an old set off a Wing and wants to send them to me to see if I can adapt them I would be willing to try. Ride Safe and often! ~ Walter n Maryland

The yellow lights around the rotor covers were and are refereed to as rings of fire. I changed mine to blue a couple years ago by using a 32" flexible strip from J C Whitney and some molding tape (for putting molding on the sides of cars) from the auto parts store. I had to trim about an inch off for fit but the 30" flex strips will work just nicely. Later ~ KennG


Group, I have a half dozen pair of glasses that I use for daytime riding depending on the light conditions. I have a silver pair (like the motorcycle cop wore in "Psycho") for glare & bright sun. I have a blue pair that looks cool with my blue helmet. I have a yellow pair that works well with cloudy and foggy conditions. AND, my favorite pair, which have large lenses, protect my eyes at any speed and are lightly tinted brown for most daytime riding. But, I'd like to find a good pair of riding glasses for nighttime. I don't wear prescription glasses. But, I'd like to have a pair with good styling, clear lenses and large enough and sturdy enough to protect me from road debris or little nighttime flying critters. Since I do most of my shopping on-line, I'd love to find a good web site where I could pick out such an item. If you know of such a site, or a chain store that carries them, please share. I'd like to spend less than $50, but for the right pair I'd consider something higher. Any suggestions would be appreciated. ~ Jay


Jay....I got another corneal irritation going to PA. So while we were there we were looking for goggles to keep the air away from my eye . We happened upon a Harley Shop. (you can add on the price there lol) We found a pair of goggles that are shatter proof and light sensitive and have foam around the inside that form a protective shield around your eyes...They look like skiers sun glasses but they are light lenses that darken with sun...but can be worn at night. They had varying kinds...the web site is . Hope this helps. Mine were expensive but I figure I paid for getting them at Harley shop. They have a warranty and replacement parts aren't bad. ~ Nancy

Jay: I know that Sears carries clear safety glasses for less than $20 - I have a pair or two... Wal-Mart may have something like that too, along with your local hardware store. ~ Brian 87LXE in CT


Jay, These may not be stylish enough for you, but I'm using them and absolutely love them for working out as well as riding. I use the dark ones, but they have clear ones as well  86 LX Jupiter, FL -- Robert Schindler Stress Relief, Inc 561-743-4104 FAX 240-220-1193

Jay, Wiley-X brand has a wide variety of safety-oriented tinted and clear glasses for the fashion conscious. They're for the most part under $50, and the lenses are easily interchangeable (easier to carry around than multiple sets of glasses if you're out in changing conditions.) I wore mine to the World of Outlaws sprint car show last month, and surprisingly little dust and grit got past them. My Suzuki dealer sells them, but I believe that REI and Campmor have them online. ~ BobG "The other Cade in NJ"

Here is a web site you can try.  they have eyeglasses. ~ Don D.R.S.

I was able to find a decent looking pair of clear glasses at the local Honda shop. They are your typical bubbled sunglass frames/ lenses only clear. I think they were under $25.00. That web site for bikebandit, is really a good one. I have ordered lots of plastic parts from them, mostly inner faring. I also got the tips for the side rails and weather stripping around the rear fender and center portion. Yes, there are a lot of discontinued parts, but we have to face it there’s not a lot of these bikes around, you can still get the fork seals from Dennis Kirk or the dealer and Progressive has springs I understand. ~ Walter n Maryland



I found a web site, you can find any part for your bike searching through the site and they deliver right to your door. I've also found the prices a little cheaper than my local dealer. ~ Phil

Thanks to those who helped. I did get a hold of Chatter Box. For some reason I can’t get the toll free # to work, and they said there web site is down too. But if anyone is interested there phone # is 562-407-2186,or 562-407-2188 CA.. There price on a open face head set is $99 + Shipping . I found a new set for $92 Shipped Here's the address if anyone is interested FOR SALE: Chatter Box DNR Headset, for Open and Full Face, Half, and the new Symax helmets. Complete unit with Upper and Lower weather boot cords, Dynamic Noise Reducing Mike and Stereo speakers. Fits all Honda Gold Wings, 1982 - 2002 with factory 5 Din Pin plugs. Full Factory Warrantee. Complete system $92, and that includes shipping. Call Skip @ 850-456-5033, NW Fla. ~ Tom

Check out Hartco seat covers. Natural lambskin and extremely comfortable and reasonable. I just installed mine and it feels like I am riding in the lap of a teddy bear. They do a beautiful custom job for a Cavalcade. Hartco International, Satsuma FL, 1-800-446-7772 or  ~ Ed in Napa


I have found a Potentiometer that can be used for the rear volume control. It fits the existing mount but the 2 problems with it is (1) it is just a straight pot. no stops in it and (2) the shaft needs to be shortened to fit. Manufacture is Clarostat Series 580, 10K, Single pole, Linear taper, Flatted Shaft. They have distributors across the country. Check their web site for one near you. ~ Mike C. ‘86 LX


I have two matching Arai helmets that were made in ‘86 to match the maroon color of the 1986 Cavalcade. I just bought the bike a couple of weeks ago and we already have our own helmets. These are almost new with very little use. They are in near mint paint and very pretty with the Cavalcade lettering on the sides of the helmet. ~ K Mauer 86 LXE, Reply-to:


Anyone out there interested in a trailer? I've got a cycle mate, ex-condition, new tires and spare, cooler rack, asking 600.00 just sitting here waiting to hook up to a Cade!!! Thanks, ~ James Lehman ~ 




Hello all As much as I have enjoyed owning and riding my Cade I got a deal on a 1999 GL1500 that I couldn't pass up. Since I can't ride 2 bikes I am selling my Cade. To tell the truth though the Cade is a much better bike than the Wing in many ways and if they were still being made I would buy a new Cade rather than a Wing. I have enjoyed being a part of this group and look forward to staying a part of it and seeing all of you again. 1988 LXE - fully loaded except for the factory CB - Maroon & silver - 60,000 miles (97000 km) - rotor covers - backrest & bag - luggage rack - nylon Cavalcade travel bags - owners manual - trunk & side bag lighting - heel/toe shifter - front fender rails - Superbrace - new J&M dash speakers - muffler extensions - new Slipstream windshield - PIAA Super White headlight - after market one-hander CB & antenna - highway pegs - am/fm/intercom c/w hookup cords (radio works fine) - various extras - bike is in excellent shape and can be certified without any problem $5500 Canadian (about $3500 US Dollars) From my understanding bikes in Canada are better priced than those in the US and it is fairly easy to bring one from Canada into the US. From the other prices I have seen posted this bike would be about $1000 US lower and the 1988 LXE was never sold in the US (only in Canada). I am in Brampton, which is near Toronto, Ontario Canada about 1.5 hours north of Buffalo NY. If anyone is interested please contact me directly at  or call 905-455-1545. Regards & Ride safe Rick


Have Brown ‘86 with less than 20,000 miles, 8 out of 10 condition, new tires, radio switches, runs great - central New York will sacrifice - best offer- ride it away! Love the bike and the support of this group, but just not enough hours in a day. ~ Terry Bolt, 


I've attached the specifics of my Cavalcade. The Reason for selling is simple as being married, having a 3 year Old, a 1 Year old and living 5 minutes away from work (it barely gets Warmed up Before I get to work). ~ Rod

1986 Suzuki Cavalcade LXE; 1400cc engine; 20,000 miles ~ Excellent condition ~ Cruise control ~ Digital readout display ~ Am/fm stereo cassette deck ~ Automatic volume control ~ 4 stereo speakers

Adjustable tuner control on left handlebar ~ Mute ~ Adjustable tuner control for passenger ~ Fade ~ Balance ~ Liquid cooled with radiator ~ Air compressor ~ Lumbar seat supports ~ Center stand / kick stand ~ Coin holder ~ Auto leveling ~ Convenient/custom soft-sided storage bags ~ Map holder (great for AAA trip-tix) ~ Highway platforms for driver’s comfort ~ Passenger adjustable foot platforms ~ Adjustable air vents ~ Running lights ~ Only $5,600 ~ Call Rod at home: 336-784-0329 or cell: 336-407-9568 ~ Rod Kolash email:


Sorry all, got bite by a bug and bought a '97 Valkerie tourer, have an 86 gray/gray GT 4 sale 57K, well cared for, $2,000. Ray Snyder" Email:


I have an ‘87 LXE Cavalcade for sale. The bike looks great. I paid $4000 for it last summer, but did not ride a lot this summer. I bought 2 tires, fixed the radio, bought matching helmets and new headsets for helmets. You must see it!!! $4800 if interested e-mail me at or call at (304)562-6417 ask for Bruce or leave message.


1986 Blue on blue LXE 15,000 miles many parts re-chromed bike in excellent condition needs one front marker light $4,000.00 or BO E-mail or call cell phone-508-353-4599 home phone-508-291-2524. ~ Elaine Santos


I have been forced to sell my dream machine. Going through a bitter divorce. My 1987 Cavalcade LX color, silver metallic [2] tone, everything works. Mileage = 45,000. It's in great condition. The water-pump was replaced this summer. I need the cash now so I am offering it to the group for $4,000 B/O [it's worth every penny]. Interested parties can email me at: and we can make arrangements to see etc. I'd never sell this bike if I wasn't being forced too! I've never had a nicer machine then this. It has extras, [2] covers [1] full [1] half. Battery tender and viper alarm system. Micro driving lights, highway pegs. Windshield new this season, [R] Mirror replaced, using [20-50 Mobil] one synthetic oil, filter/oil replaced. Gear oil replaced. Have extra luggage rack -- small, never attached. Tool kit [cavalcade] owner’s manual. I may have forgot something but this by memory. Bike is now located at my son's residence, locked and secured. Mobil phone [716] 802-0727, home phone [716] 473-6169. Located Rochester, NY [Picture on Suzuki Cavalcade web site]. Thanks, Joe, ‘87LX,


Happy Days are here again, Gary in Whitby finally got his LXE. I know have 2 Cades. Which means I will be selling the LX. It's an 86 LX, with 85,000 miles. Brown and Gold. Was purchased from Florida. It has lots of "E" options like the lowers and cornering lights, light bar on the rear trunk. Has some extra pieces with in it, extra seat the one on the bike is buffalo hide, some extra plastic for the sides but they need repair. Pictures upon request. I have some one in Canada that may be interested but if any one in the group is interested and the other person backs out I will be in touch. The AM/Fm Cassette all work good. Will need a new windshield. Looking to get about $3,000 US or b.o. It should be no problem to get it back into the US as it still have the original sticker still on it. Gary Moskalyk, ’88, LXE,


1988 Suzuki Cavalcade LX V4 1400cc with only 2500 miles. The bike is in showroom condition, asking $6000.00.
It can also been seen on the CycleTrader web site. (See below) It has a lot of extra to go with it matching helmets, cover for the bike that has Cavalcade on it. ~ Paul, Horn Lake, MS, 662-280-3785

URL to photo of bike:



We are looking for a good campground close to the Ohio River, preferably in the middle of the state ( between IL & OH). My wife & I are taking a long weekend down that way and would like to have a central place to camp at and make a day trip in each direction along the River. If you know of any, let me know thanks ~ Denny Potoczky 86 Cavalcade LXE 99 Kawasaki Nomad South Bend, IN


The trip was awesome....will have more pics when they get back from processing... The weather was yucky on Friday going up but Sat and Sunday turned out great. We ended up with 10 Cades and a Harley and Yamaha....Considering the weather I was real happy with the turn out. It's always great to meet new Cade owners and enjoy our old friends. As usual we ate our way around Wellsboro again. Sorry you all couldn't have been with us. Thinking about playing a ride to West Virginia maybe in the spring. Ride safe... ~ Nancy

Has anyone in the club ever entered the Iron Butt Rally? I'm attempting to get in the 2003 rally but I hear it's a long shot because of the huge waiting list on entries. About half the slots are reserved for "veterans" of the rally, and the rest are picked using some type of lottery. ~ IronbuttBob

Bob, If you are seriously considering the Iron Butt Rally, you should read Manny Sameiro's story about his experience on that rally in 1997. It is posted on our web site, but here is the direct link. Just click on it: Good Luck & Ride Safe ~ Jay, '86 LXE, "Blue on Blue" Sammamish, Washington USA

Hi Jay, Yes, I am going to make a serious effort to get into the Iron Butt. I'm starting to document my rides until the application becomes available. I met a guy at the local Suz/BMW shop who says he's finished in the top ten twice. He told me you wouldn’t stand a chance on getting in if you can't prove you have some long distance riding experience under your belt. ~ Next week, I'm going to do a SaddleSore 1000 up through New England. The following week, I'll log my trip to Cape Hatteras. I regularly ride over 1000 miles per day when on a road trip so I figure I've got as good a chance as the next guy. ~ Up until now, I never would've had the time to enter, but since September 11th, I'm going to make more time for smelling the roses. Regards, Bob


Rode my 86 Cavalcade from Topeka, to Memphis, Tupelo, the week of 9- 24-01. Great weather. Got 38 MPG average, 1500 miles in 3 days. The bike felt a little loose on the way down, may have had it loaded too much on one side. Changed it around for the trip back, rode better. Only problem, speedo gear jinx hit but held out until I got home. Bike has 33,00 miles $69 from local dealer. I'm running the AMSOIL air filter, pleased with it. Using 20-50 AMSOIL synthetic oil but still shifts hard from 1-2, rest is smooth as butter. I have changed and bled the clutch and put new Barnett springs in. Didn't quiet the lifter noise until it really warms up. Waiting for the Superbrace still. Looking forward to meeting other Cade owners in Branson next year. ~ KL


for anyone considering a ride up the Shenandoah Valley, Motorcycle Tour Co. of Virginia is an excellent source for a tour guide. After the September 11 incident, I was stuck in the Baltimore area for the weekend and called them to see if I could rent a bike and/or take a tour. They had no tours scheduled for that Sunday, but both Jay and his wife elected to ride their bikes with me and we stayed on back roads the whole day. The tour was about 200 miles and was a great way to spend the day with a great couple. They have one-day tours, weekend tours and weeklong tours. They can be reached on the web at or via email at

Just think, if you had your rider/helpers list with you, you could have called me and we could have done 300/400 miles of Virginia and West Virginia. As a matter of fact the weather was so great a friend and I took off a couple days and did just that. Of course all the leaves had fallen in WVA. But it was a beautiful ride. I’m sure hoping for a mild winter. ~ Walter n Maryland (Baltimore area)


Well, for all you northern riders, I just wanted to highly recommend the Gerbing electric jacket liner. This past weekend I wore it over a t-shirt and put my leather jacket over it. In 40-degree weather I was toasty warm. It has a control knob that hooks into the bike battery that lets your adjust the temp. Larry tried it on and now looks like I will be getting him one. Especially for the copilots this is awesome. When that cold gets around your neck you can't get warm. The collars on this liner have heat in them.. Would make a great Christmas present. Well enough of my testimonial. I just wanted to let you know this is an awesome product. .. ~ Nancy

Ditto , Nancy - I've had one for a number of years and it's the best thing I have purchased. ~ Denny

Group, We have heard from the following folks who market products for performance bikes and racers. They have some items that may also be desirable for those of us who prefer the touring class. Here's their web site: . They wrote:

Hi Jay, Thanks for your speedy reply. Our underleather wear are widely used by tourers & as a good will gesture I can offer your members a 10% discount. I hope this is ok with you. Thanks, Richard

Hey Richard, We are always happy to save an extra 10 per cent. AND, I'm happy to pass on this information to our members.


Don’t forget to send in your registration for CADE RAID 2002 & call to reserve your room at the Honeysuckle Inn.