February, 2004

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CADE RAID 2004 ~BRANSON, MISSOURI ~ August 16-21, 2004

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at Cade Raid 2004 we will have an organized ride through the lake country of the Ozarks. Each ride is different and we let you ride at your own pace. Join your fellow Cavalcade owners and discover the country back roads near Branson. In addition to the rides we will have workshop classes and entertainment packages to enjoy. Of course the best part of attending Cade Raid 2004 is the chance to get to know your fellow Cavalcade owners, ask questions and talk “Cades.”

Our home base will be the Grand Plaza Hotel. We have a special group rate of just $55.00 per night for up to 4 people in a room. And if you want to come early or stay longer you can reserve nights before and after Cade Raid 2004 at the same rate. 1-800-850-6646. For you campers, contact “America’s Best Campground” 499 Buena Vista Road, Branson, MO 65616 (417) 336-4399

Mark your calendar now for August 16-20, 2004. We want to see you in Branson.


A charity ride will take place on May 29, 2004. It is running from just north of Toronto to Dorset, Ontario. It's a great ride and ifyou want more info please e-mail: ~Barry Jaynes,

MotorcycleHall of Fame Museum

When: May 7th, 8th, and 9th.Friday to Sunday. At: The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, Pickerington, Ohio.Staying at the Fairfield Inn, 2826 Taylor Rd. Reynoldsburg, Ohio, 43068.. 614864 4555...Rate is $59 Double. Campground: Buckeylake KOA 614 928 0706. Larryand Wayne will plan a ride for Sat. afternoon and then we will have a cook-outat Wayne’s Sat. night.   More info as the time gets closer

If you are planning a ride or motorcycle event and would like it posted innext month’s Suzuki Cavalcade Newsletter, send it to (



Iwould like to know if anyone has made a trip to Alaska. I live in Oklahoma andnext summer I would like to ride to Alaska. Does anyone know the do's anddon'ts? Any info would be of help. ~James, ’97 LXE Oklahoma City


Has anyone bought the Cade headsets fromValue-Accessories? If so, is the soundquality ok and is there a lot of wind noise? The cost is reasonable at $79each, that's $158 for a pair. How good are the ones from Sierra Electronics anddo they come with the headset to 5 pin connector lead? ~Dave, UK 


David, I’ve tried the ones from SierraElectronics and they are good. The lower priced headsets are usually not verygood (chatterbox etc.) and the ones I prefer for themoney come from Air-Rider. They are made with rare earth and cost a littlemore, but the performance with the Cavalcade radio is excellent. ~Micky


Greetings from Fallon, Nevada.  I'm still ridingevery day.  I missed one day due to ICE at 4 in the morning.  My dayjust wasn't right because I had to go to work in a Cage.  It's been cold attimes 9 degrees, but the Cade started first time every time and was ready togo.

 I think the worst weather wason New Year day!  The area Gold Wing group (Reno, Sparks and Fallon) wasgoing for the Annual Breakfast over in Fernley (36 miles) away. As we gottogether at 9 am, only four of us showed up with two wheels. We had a Harley, 2Gold Wings and the best bike Cade. Weather looked bad and there wascross wind. However, at 9:30 there was blue sky. The wind let up some andit was almost 40 degrees. As we left the protection of town the wind picked upagain but it was dry. About 7 miles out of town we got hit with blowingsand for about half mile. But we were still able to ride on. Most ofthe ride was with about a 25 degree tilt to the left. Two milesbefore we got into Fernley we got hit with a total white-out of blowingsand. This reduced our speed to less then 10 mph. I turned on theflasher. You could not see the on-coming traffic till it passedyou. This lasted for about a mile. But we got into town and to therestaurant. Now we really had a bad feeling because the four ofus were the only ones there for a 40-person reservation. 

    Aboutfifteen minutes later the bad feeling went away when 35 other peopleshowed. However, no one else was on bikes. They advised it wassnowing when they left and it was coming our way. The “get together” wasgood but the weather was turning bad.  Now it was time to get on the roadhome. The snow that came down while we were eating breakfast hadmelted. The temperature had dropped below freezing, but there was noice. As we got on the road the wind picked up after we lefttown. Then came the rain, followed by pea size hale. This cleared upabout half way home, but the wind was still with us. With about a 25degree tilt to the right, we got good tire wear on the tires. Now, ifyou have never been in Nevada, we have tumble weeds. Some of them are thesize of a car. With this kind of wind, they come over the top of sanddunes without any warning. So along with the wind, you have to be on thelookout for weeds traveling across your path without warning. As the roadturns, the wind is at your back. So now the tumble weeds ran alongbeside you.


    We made itback to Fallon and stopped for coffee.  As we set around the table...thesubject of "Why didn't we turn around at the start and get in acage?  Everyone was thinking the same thing...but no one wanted to be thefirst to throw in the towel. I guess the moral of the story is, “Don't letPride cloud your judgment!" ~Mac, ‘86 LX, Fallon, NV



My 12 yearold son and I were exploring our new neighborhood. We had just moved toSouthern Maine from Massachusetts. As I came around a bend in the road, Ispotted the most gorgeous touring bike I'd ever seen. Sitting in front of ahouse with a 'For Sale' sign on it, I was moving too fast to read the price. Itwas just as well. It was obviously a fairly new bike and way out of my pricerange. I had given away my 1985 Suzuki Madura before I left Mass. It needed toomuch work. I promised myself I'd check the price on that beautiful gold/beigetourer on our return trip home.


It was gone.It figured. Someone probably snapped it up that afternoon. Obviously a newbike. Obviously well-maintained. Looked like it was wheeled out of a showroom!Somebody got themselves a great bike.


As the summerof 2003 went on, I passed that house several times a week. One afternoonin late July, I was driving with my son when we spotted that incredible bikeparked in that same yard with the 'For Sale' sign on it! This time I parked thecar and went to take a look. It would surely cost over $12,000. But I had tosee it close-up.


Well, as youhave probably guessed by now, that gold/beige showroom beauty was a 1986Cavalcade with less than 9000 miles on it. Its original owner only used it foroccasional touring and then sold it to his best friend, who never quite gotused to the feel of it. Both owners kept it scratch and scuff-free. Theoriginal owner had mounted custom lights along the sides and rear.


My wife fellin love with the Cavalcade. The comfort of the hydraulic seat, the snap onpurse, the passenger radio controls all impressed her. I think Suzukiknew that it was often the person in that rear seat who had the loudestvoice in major purchasing decisions. ;-)


For $2700.(!!!) I became the owner of that big, beautiful bike. I spent a week riding itsolo so I could get accustomed to the weight and feel. (All my previous bikeshave been 450cc to 700cc) Today I have no qualms about taking it into the cityand maneuvering through traffic. I love this Cavalcade. ~Rick C.



Do you have any suggestions on how I can encourage her to takea ride? ~Mac


Fly her out to Branson for Cade Raid 2004. She'll have achance to meet a lot of gals who ride in the
passenger seat. Nancy is going to be giving a class for passengers about ridingsafety. Sometimes learning
more about riding can help overcome the fears. ~Jay


Well Mac, have I got things to share with the Ladies thisyear! Lar and I like to start riding early in the Am and we try to checkinto Hotels by 4 pm. We don't really like riding at night, but we have doneit. My number one rule... Make sure you have hotel reservations confirmedat all your stopping points before you leave home...or make them early in theafternoon on the road. Wayne and Larry and Cathi and I had some real fun on theway to Nova Scotia. I plan to share this lovely experience with all of youin Branson. We also stop about every two hours just to walk and potty andhave a quick drink (water that is!). Mind you these are usually 15-20 minutestops if that...but it makes the ride a lot more enjoyable. We have donethe 12 -14 hr ride...but by the end of the trip we were getting testy andtired.


If your honey would like to chat with me about what to bringand any other questions she might have feel free to email me and I'll get backwith her or she can call me.  Believe me I can understand fear of riding. Especiallyafter having been in our accident this summer, but you gotta get on the steadand just work it out. Getting all the safety courses you can and justpracticing in parking lots on slow turns will boost her confidence in yourabilities.   Hope this helps a little.........Nancy (alias Motherwind,Nurse Ratchet, Flying Nurse, Tigger (without the bounce in my tail) and thefamous Ditch Witch.



I have a headlight outand want to know the best way to change it without having to take off thefairing. ~Randy

Randy, I’ve found that if you remove thehorns from between the forks, then you’ll have room to remove and reinstall thebulb. It’s a little tricky so take your time. Don’t touch the glass portion ofthe light bulb. Use a soft cotton cloth. ~Micky



Can anyone tell me how totake the Cade seat off? Do you have to take the bracket of the saddle bags offto get at the seat or is there an easy way. All info is welcome. Thanks. ~Donin Mass.


Don, it’s real easy. After youget the instructions you’re going to feel silly. Open the saddle bag tops andlet them hang next to the saddle bag. Now with a 12 mm socket and an extensionand socket wrench remove the only 12 mm bolt on each side about middle way fromthe hand support to the edge of the rear trunk. Yep. Those are the ones. Onceremoved simply lift the seat from the truck area slowly and take the air supplyline loose. Then simply remove the seat. I hope this helps. ~Micky



I have an ‘86 Cade, had itfor a few months, last time I rode it, I noticed the temp come up while Iwaited in traffic, never got real hot, and when I started the temp came backdown where I am used to seeing it.  When I got to work, I had a continuousdrip out of my overflow hose.  When I got home, I removed the farings; Ihad full fluids in the radiator. This is the first bike I have had that iswater cooled.  Any ideas as to what the problem may be.  I would liketo fix it before I ride again.  ~Roger.



Doesanybody have ideas as to why my rear tire would wear more on the left-hand sidethan the right? It’s almost bear on left side but still has some tread on theright half? ~John


John, Bike tires willgenerally wear more on the left side than the right, since roads are crowned tolet the water run off of them: The center is higher than the shoulder.  Inthe UK, tires wear faster on the right side. 

Sounds like your case is moreextreme than most though.  Putting your tools in the left bag to makeyour bike lean a little to the right might help it a little.  Otherthan that, it’s new tire time.  {8-]  Spike 


Spike, is this another bit ofyour wisdom that can be found in the "Gospel according to Spike"book? This sounds a bit like the heat coming off the exhaust pipecomment. I suppose this crown thing might have some validity to it, but myfirst thought was that the extra bit of wear is caused more from the driveshaft being on that side of the bike. Mine does the same thing. Anothershade tree theory is that cornering to the left is happening a lot more. Or inmy case, I'm more comfortable cornering left than right, therefore I cornerleft at least 5 mph more than right. I know this will have some long termeffect on tire wear. Lastly, I can see the wear coming from a slightly out ofline rear tire. When I remove both hands from the bars, my bike doesn'ttrack straight; it goes left a bit, nothing drastic, but definitely left. Ican also accept this will have adverse effect on tire wear. I guess wewill have to wait and see what the King says; I really would value his opinionon this subject. ~Jack in NV




Tracy, I went to start my Cade last week (it's beensitting for awhile) and the clutch lever went right to the handlebar with noresistance. Fluid was low so I topped it off but I'm wondering if maybe theslave
cylinder is leaking.  Any thoughts? ~Mike


It’s probably the slave. Need to bleed it at the mastercylinder banjo bolt to get pressure back. Might just need a fluid change butthe slave seal has a habit of going tits up if it hasn't been attended to sincenew. Remember, DOT 4 only. ~Tracy


Thanks for the info. I will try to bleed it this weekend and see what happens.  If I do need toreplace the slave, am I right that the secondary has to come off?  I dohave the CD so I will look there too. ~Mike


Yep. Might as well go ahead and do the plug fix andreplace all of the seals in that area. I have the seal/gasket kit that does thecomplete secondary RR and it includes the slave seal for $56. I've found thatmost slave cylinders are okay with a honing as the pressure in the system ispretty low and there's a lot of forgiveness in the diameter. ~Tracy


How does one bleed at theBanjo Bolt? Allot of directions on bleeding at the slave but any for on theBanjo? ~John H.


Just use the banjo bolt likea bleeder. Pressure on lever, loosen banjo, pull lever to grip, tighten banjo.Repeat until only fluid. Be careful, brake fluid eats paint and plastic. Covereverything with plastic and rags. ~Tracy



Where can Iget kits for rebuild?  I'll assume there isn't any difference betweenthese and auto carbs.  My inexperience will show when trying to tune the 4together.  Should I attempt it myself or take it to the local shop, whichhappens to be a Harley shop.  I understand the basic concept using vacuumgauges, but have never attempted anything like this before.  ~Jack in NV


Kits areprobably not available. You may have to buy just the individual parts butthere's only a bowl gasket and some o-rings for a "rebuild". If youwant to do the needles/seats, you will have to order them separately. Thebiggest problem with CV carbs is pinholes in the slide diaphragms. They areexpensive to replace (about $80 each carb) but can affect mixture prettybadly and lead to poor gas mileage. There's also another diaphragm that cancause problems but they're less and off e-bay you can get them for about $20ea. Balancing is not hard, just a little tedious. Use gauges or mercury sticks,it just takes a little patience to get them all the same. ~Tracy



<<Put on the newClutch switch I got from Tracy, bike would still start while in neutral.>

That tells me that there is something else bypassed in the system. You needto look a little deeper as, from my understanding; the bike will not start atall with the clutch out. Does the cruise work? Does it trip out when you pullin the clutch? These are things that will help to sort out the problem.

<<Three days later bike won't start.  It seems to want to startbut won't. >>

This is the starting process.

1) Key to on

2) Don't pull in clutch but hit starter button. You will hear clicks from underthe right rear of the seat. Hold the starter button until the clicking stops.If your bike will turn over without pulling in the clutch, you have
another problem. It may be that the previous owner bypassed the clutch switchdeeper inside the fairing and the new switch you put on isn't doing anythingfor you. Possibly, you have a bad diode somewhere on the wiring harness. Justhave to check them all to (about 8 or so) to see if one's bad.

Please note: Unless you can get the carbs primed with #2 above, starting isgoing to be near impossible. If the fuel pump cannot build pressure to the carbs,you can crank your brains out and it may never start.

3) Pull choke lever all the way on. If you haven't done so, check the movementof the choke slides on the carbs to make sure that the cable is actuallypulling the slides fully. If there's too much slack in the cable, the chokewon't be effective. Conversely, if the cable is sticking or adjusted too tight,the choke will be on all the time and gas mileage will suffer.

4) WITHOUT TOUCHING THE THROTTLE, pull in the clutch and hit the starter button.It may not fire on all cylinders immediately but one or two should fire and itmay try to run. If it runs and dies, do it again but DON'T TOUCH THE THROTTLE!Just let the choke do its job.

5) When it does fire it may run like crap for a few seconds until the othercylinders start to fire but should start to run on all cylinders and you may haveto back off the choke to slow it down to around 1500-2000 RPM. It should takeabout a minute or so and you should be able to back the choke off completelyand the throttle will be pretty well responsive.

<<Before this happen I got it to the point to where all I had to dowas touch the starter and she would purr like a kitten. >>

When it's warm, it should start easily.

<<I am thinking about changing the plugs but feel this is not theproblem. >>

I wouldn't suspect that all of the plugs went bad at the same time. I personallybelieve that you have a fuel problem and the fuel pump must be allowed to fillthe bowls fully and pressure up the system. ~Tracy


LH Rear wheel bearingsdiscontinued?

Thiscould become a problem here in the near future. All my sources tell me that theLeft Hand Rear Wheel Bearings have been discontinued and are no longeravailable. The Right Hand Bearings are still available but it seems to me thatif you’re going to replace one side, it would be foolish not to do both. Sohere is my question for the group... Does anyone have a good alternate partnumber for the Suzuki part #09263-30020 for the left hand rear wheel bearing? Mybearings are still serviceable but they are beginning to show the
miles. ~Scott

Scott, That bearing is a needle type with loads ofbearing area unlike the right side that is a standard ball bearing. Unless youhave some specific reason to replace it other than just because, don't. Justgrease it. It is more than capable of doing its job. I do have the number ifyou want a replacement but, again, it's not needed unless you determine thatyours is somehow worn out but the reason it's discontinued is because it wasn'tbeing replaced. That speaks volumes. ~Tracy



I seem tohave a fuel problem with my 86 Cade, the fuel pump seems to be running when Iturn over the ignition, and when it is running, but no fuel shows up in thefilter while it is running.  I had to prime the system to start mymotorcycle.  Is there another pump that keeps pressure on the fuel system? I am at a loss just now. Any help would be appreciated. ~Roger


Roger, I have seen one pumpwhere one of the rubber valves became dislodged and the pump would run ratherfast and not pump properly. It was repairable. Also, since the pump is a prettylow volume, it doesn't prime very well if the connecting line to the tank isempty. If the bike sits for an extended length of time, the line may evaporatesome but I've not seen a case where the pump wouldn't prime eventually on itsown.

It is the only pump in thesystem. ~Tracy


After 17 seasons of use I haveencountered some minor plastic fatigue around some anchor points.  What isthe compound of choice to fix or rebuild the plastic on a Cade? ~Roy B


Pencil tip soldering ironwith the tip ground to a chisel point. It works better than any glue. You maywant to reinforce it after welding with some epoxy or something but I've hadgreat luck with just welding it. ~Tracy




I seem to remember on a previous post something aboutchrome clamps that fit the LXE engine guard to properly mount highwaypegs/boards. I would like to be able tostretch my legs out. Does anyone know where these might be available and howmuch? ~Dwight, Edmonton ‘86 LX



I am looking for the right volt meter for my ‘86 LXE. Iknow at one time or another I have seen you all
talk about one that you all like. Who to contact, how much and how to getit would be very appreciative.
Anyone heard of the Venco digital volt meter that Venco has for sale. Lookslike a good unit but it is
$80. Kinda high $$ I think. ~Kevin 86 LXE



Hey all, my good old Cavalcade is for sale, the bike hasbeen great to me. I am the second owner of the
motorcycle. It has taken me to a lot of places over the past 3 years. Ithas 47,000 on the odometer. I have taken the bike all over the USA. Just last summerIi toured for two weeks all over Kentucky and Tennessee. It has been to Sturgis3 times and I have never had a breakdown on the road, it has not let me downeven once. She is still in good shape, lots of chrome, and still runs great. Emailme at, asking price is $2800, ~Jason Green



I have justheard from a Cavalcade owner that lives here in Methuen, but I don't think heis a member of the group. He has decidedto sell an 86 LXE -- 62,000 miles. I saw the bike last summer and it lookedgood. Here is his Description and email address if anyone wants to contact him.“I just put a new rear tire, battery, stator, sent radio out for new switches.62,000 Mi. still in excellent condition. Haven't replaced the plug, justchanged the fluid...8oz. out No sign of leak. Could have been replacedbefore I got it with 52,000 MI. Bike is ready to go. I bought a 2004 HarleyFLHT. I would like to get somewhere near $4500.00, considering what I just putinto the bike last week.”


His email address is: ~Al from Mass


I am selling my 1987 Cade. Bike runs but needs carbsrebuilt. I have a clear NV title but can not find the keys. You can see pics ofbike at I don't have thefunds to have carbs rebuilt so I am letting bike go for $1500 OBO. Thank You,~John S.


Well, I did it.  I have purchasedanother bike and will be leaving the Cade fold. But I will be around sinceJim Everett is a member and he lives just a few miles from me. I havepurchased a 2000 Valkyrie Interstate and am selling my 1986 Cavalcade LXE.

Here are the particulars: Asking $3500.00 OBO. 1986 LXE, two toneblue. 65K miles. Good condition.  Paint is near perfect. Newbattery, new stator, new plugs, new turn signal control module, driverbackrest, front fender rail, caliper covers, Super Brace, AM/FM cassette, CB,passenger armrests, LED voltmeter, saddlebag and trunk rails and lights, 12Voutlet at rear of bike, Markland hitch and wiring, trunk rack, highway pegs,tires in good condition and have approx 3K left in them, Amsoil air filterw/oil for recharge, lowers w/vents.

Bikes issues: Seat has small tear. Can be repaired with a seat coverfrom the web site for approx $85.  AM/FM Radio finally needs new buttons,easy fix from web site for approx $10. Luggage rack could
be re-chromed.  Front fender needs repair at rear bottom, cracked froma stone.

Bike has been maintained very well and oil changed every 3000 or lessw/Emgo filters and 10w-40 or 20w-50, depending on season and duty. Clutchand brakes were just bled and new fluid in clutch. I have new
pads for front but not installed. If you are interested, please contact meat or
904-693-0856 after 6PM EST. Bike is located in Jacksonville, FL. If you want to confirm condition or want impartial information, I think JimEverett would be happy to give you any information via the web site. Going tomiss the Big Blue Pig but just cannot keep up with 2 bikes. ~Gary Fairfield

Ontario, NewYork

1986 Cavalcade LX for sale, Gold/Brown,21,141 miles,
1991 Cycle Mate trailer with matching paint
Cycle Cover, CD service/parts manual (complete printed hard copy of CD), ExtraChrome and Lights, AM/FM Cassette, Intercom wired, Cruise, Air Shocks and Seat,New Windshield (old windshield saved)
Send letters of interest to my e-mail and I will send pictures ( live in Ontario New York (near Rochester).


My nameis Clifton Smith; I live in south central KY. I have a beautiful black & silver86 Cade with 24,000 miles on it, Everything works (cruise, am fm cassetteoriginal radio been redone, works perfect lots of extras, air ride, new backtire, serviced and ready to ride$4200.00, can help with delivery if needed, 270-678-2245 Emailme at for information, willmake someone a good deal on both bikes, Thanks ~Clifton


I have apolice buddy that is looking for a Cade .I have an 86 LX and he loves it andwould love to find one in Indiana or near by.  Let me know if there is any4-sale close by. I live South of Indianapolis. Thanks, ~ "Todd Craighead"<>