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Issue #5 ~ December, 2000

Jay D. Johnson, Editor


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A simple Cavalcade screensaver made by one of our members has been uploaded to the Files area of the Cavalcade_USA group. You can access this file at the URL


Gonna hang it up... other interests. Need $4k, but accept best offer. 50k miles, 2 full covers. Always garaged. See many pix at: Email 86LX - has everything. Don marsh


I went to the dealer this weekend to check this machine out. It was in perfect condition with only 527 miles on the clock. It is sort of a burgundy and silver in color, still not to sure of the year of it. Neither was the owner as he well into his years. It had LXE on the saddlebags and the lowers on the fairing but no CB. If my thinking is correct they removed the lowers in 87? And should there have been a CB if it was an LXE? Anyhow here is the kicker he said he would gladly part with this beauty for the low price of $17,000!!!!!!! I kindly told him that I didn't think he had a bike on the showroom floor including the new 2001 Wing worth that much money! Like I said the owner is well into the years and may be having a hard time remembering prices. ~ John in LA 86 LXE

Editorís Note: The CB was an option on all Cavalcades including XLE models.

Hi John, The CB was an extra on all Cades. There was a Cade for sale in England the same colours and that was a 1987. I think that by 1988 there was only the LX and then you selected the extras that you wanted putting on. ~ Dave, UK


Ok. Not to bore the group... but I need to sell my Cade... it is an 84 LXE maroon. ... All it needs besides a new home is a right side mirror... I would like to get $3500 for it and that can include shipping it most anywhere in the USA...if you have any interest or know someone who does... Please email me at Once again thanks for reading this and I hope to find a new home for
my Cade soon. Thanks ~ Travis Conley


Guys, These comments about decals have gotten me to thinking about the condition of mine; which is, showing wear badly on the back of the travel trunk. Has anyone tried to remove them? How was it done? Any tips on what to do or look out for? Andy Midland, TX

Andy, have on many occasions removed stickers and labels using a photographic product called film cleaner. Itís used to clean negatives. Really attacks gum/adhesives but have never tried it on decals. If you can find a supply house may be able to buy a small quantity. It will take labels off boxes without harming the cardboard so should not harm the truck plastic. It is very flammable - will evaporate in seconds if left exposed to the air. Might be worth a try. ~ Al from mass

Andy, John from here in Washington State did remove them. He told us that he used a heat gun. From what I remember he would heat it up and very carefully peeled it off. I think he was getting them off in one piece for some reason - but don't quote me on that. I hope John will read your message and give you more information. Ride On ~ Wojo


I don't (YET) have a battery tender, but do use a 1 amp. trickle charger on a regular basis. I keep my leads under the map holder next to the fuse panel. I just slip the map pocket off and plug in the charger. Then if I need to do any maintenance...all the electrical stuff is one place

I have had mine in the right side pocket but found that I didn't always plug it in because of the inconvenience of unlocking. Now I have the lead under the fake gas tank just in front of the seat. I can push it up out of the way when I am riding. The wires tuck neatly under the locking cover. When you park the bike and set up the tender the cover comes off into a safe place or right on the passenger seat and the charger stays on all winter. Two years ago I took the battery out and cracked the black panel only to replace it for 90 bucks. Now the battery stays in with the tender on. ~ Bob Morse 86LX

Hey guys, I attached mine and ran it down the frame to the triangle under the faux tank. It is spot tied to the frame and the tip just hangs out. You never even notice it. It is readily accessible and I connect the tender all the time. Plus if you have electric clothing it is a great place to connect. Also if you needed an additional 12V outlet, just splice in a like M/F connector and you have a readily available acc. plug.... Cell phone, radar detector, cigarette lighter, heated cup cozy, electric cooler, TV, VCR, blender, you know, the essentials. Ride safe, ride long, ride! ~ Gary Fairfield Jacksonville, FL

I placed this under this heading, as after having a slight electrical problem and finding the BAD ground connections and correcting them. I truly feel I saved a major problem from occurring That being: The DOUBLE CONNECTOR on the ground side of the battery, These grounds go directly to the RECTIFIER, and had become loose, corroded from acid reaction within the connector and was NOT letting the rectifier do it's job correctly. (An ungrounded condition) Seeing that a lot of us will be putting our bikes up for the winter, this will be a good time to check this plug and possibly replace it, or lube it up with lube suitable. Also seeing that a lot of you are adding charging pigtails to the battery you will be in this area any way. THIS IS MY MAJOR complaint you have so much fairing to take off to do anything, BUT THESE AREAS NEED attentions TOO. JUST MY $.02

~ Ad Spotted by a Group Member ~ AUTOMATIC BATTERY FLOAT CHARGER Keep your vehicle's battery fully charged. Use on 12V batteries while in storage or during cold weather. The floating circuit maintains a full charge without overcharging. Includes automatic safety shut off, and extra long 17-1/2 ft. battery leads. ITEM 41288-5VGA. $15.99. Hereís the link to find this item at Harbor Freight: Itemnumber=41288&cid=453236


A month or two ago someone posted the method to use a sealed battery in the Cavalcade with two 33K ohm resistors. My question, would two 330K ohm resistors work? Seems as they would reduce the drain on the battery while still providing the same voltage at the junction. Thanks in advance. ~ Jim in Utica, Ohio
'86 LX

Hello Jim, I was not the sender of the original information but have found this works on my Cade. The 33 K value is light enough to not run down the battery. But there is a small amount of current needed by the OK module to monitor the battery which makes the value needing to stay lower. The 33 K ohm values seem to be just enough to provide the small current for the monitor and yet high enough in value to not run the battery down. The memory in the AM/FM radio draws more than these resistors do. It is my recommendation that a "trickle" type of charger be used as has been outlined previously. Happy New Year to you and everyone on the list. Ride safe and keep up the email, I read them all, even though I do not post often due to my travels.......... Curt


Hello Group, Yes, the long LOUD awaited mufflers are here! They are made out of stainless still, don't need to worry about corrosion. The diameter is 3 inches. There is a cover made also from stainless still. The mufflers are good quality and so is a workmanship. They are Louder then original mufflers, but that is a plus in my opinion. With old mufflers I did see many times that expression of surprise on drivers faces when I was passing them by. Now they KNOW I am there. At idle the sound is a nice, low, mellow rumble. When you turn the throttle tough - watch out - The Beast is Awake! For those of us who don't mind to intimidate a Harley on occasion - this is IT. The muffler design accommodates the body of the bike wonderfully. Its straight line underlines the body and gives it a new look. So far all the people that did see it and listen to them - liked them a lot. I also discover that when you want to take rear wheel off, there is no need to take the right muffler off - wheel shaft will slip out of place OVER the muffler. I would like to thank Dave May for letting muffler shop to use his bike for the measurements and test. Thank you so much Dave, it wouldn't happened without your help!!!!!! Mathieu's Custom Exhaust Shop (see our web site for the address) is set up now to make this set of mufflers for Cavalcade. They have all the welding jigs set up, and mufflers fit the bike great. The price for the set is $650.00 - well worth it in my opinion. Ride On Wojo, 86LX

Mufflers look great Wojo and Dave. Almost wish I liked loud pipes. Is there a happy medium between normal Cavalcade and HD? Might be able to learn to like that sound, but I would hate to have to wear earplugs every time I ride. ~ Al from Mass

Al: It's not THAT loud, but more pleasant than nothing... I am one of those that like a little noise, not too much, but there are those who prefer none and that is ok with me. :) ~ Brian, 87LXE in CT

Wojo, Love the looks. How about a sound file? A portable tape recorder played back into a microphone to make a WAV file would be received with applause by all! Thanks for your efforts, and thank Mathieu's Custom Exhaust Shop for their work; I'm sure their efforts will be rewarded with a number of sales, and
soon. ~ Andy, Midland, TX (counting my pennies....)

Hi Kelly, No I didn't have to re-jet the carburetors. That's been what I was told by the shop. I notice increase of power, but that's about it...... :-) ~ Wojo

Those of you who have been around for a while may remember the "Talking Cavalcade Project." I have been waiting for my Cavalcade to be street-ready (it now is) so I can complete that project. My plan is to add the sound of my Cavalcade to the final product. As long as I'm at it, I thought I'd record Wojo's new sound for comparison. Since I make my living by recording sound, and I live close to Wojo, this seems to be a "no brainer." I'll try to get together with him soon. When I do, I'll record both our bikes and get it up as a wave file ASAP. Ride Safe, ~ Jay "Blue-on-Blue" '86 LXE, Sammamish, Washington USA.


HI, Itís good to find a group of Cavalcade owners. Mine is a '88Lx. Titled in 1990.Guess it took the dealer that long to install the LXE items. I enjoy Reading the messages. My primary reason for joining is to meet
Cade riders and ride and have get-togethers, motel or camping. I hope that happens. ~LuRay Ausherman

Hang in there LuRay. AMERICADE'S coming June 4th. Oh BTW Welcome from ~ KennG Geneva NY

Hey Lou, Welcome to the friendliest group of "Mercedes" on wheels folks. Feel free to join in on the e-convos, add stories to our many, and ask a question if you'd like. Have you seen the web page "Ē If you have a pic and/or web site, it can be added to it. There's lot's of other
stuff in there too. Again, WELCOME !! Gerry in NY

Hello there, where is your Cade parked? I am in jersey. There are only a few of us here. Welcome ~ bob

LuRay, Where are you located? Welcome to the group. ~ Dennis

T0 Bob Tooker, Allen, Kenn, Nancy, Thanks for the welcome. WE [Wife Fran] live at 200 West 12st. Frederick, Maryland. Phone 1-301-662-6071.Any of the members riding this way please call and we will get you here. Looking forward to meeting you Cade riders. ~ Lu and Fran

My son Andrew on my Cade left his Hog in AZ. He had to ride the Cade and almost took it back with him.. ~ Gary 86 Cade, Greenfield Wisc

Hi folks-- Thought I'd see what's happening here with the 'Cade owners. I have an 87 bought this past spring (not my 1st Suz-- I have three others) for the base for a sidecar rig. My wife and I both ride (she has for 42 years, all on Suzukis) and we have three very spoiled dogs. We are now the proud owners of the aforementioned 'Cade with a Hannigan 2+2 Sidecar for our babies. I guess that's enough for now-- I'll try and get to meet everybody as I can-- thanks for listening- ~ Frank

Is this your first sidecar? I like the looks of the Hannigan. I have a California Friendship. I'm curious how the Hannigan handles compared with other kinds of sidecars. ~ SRB 86 LXE


I may be asking an impossible question. But does anyone know where I can find: 1. Travel trunk rail with or without light. 2. Saddlebag rails with or without lights 3. Front fender trim rail. Ideally, I would like new or like new. Thanks, ~ Dan Duff, '86 LX

Dan, I can get a front fender rail if you wish there are a few left. This rail is not a Suzuki Part - but made for the Cavalcade by a company called Add-On. Bolts right on and can be fitted with reflectors or lights; members of the group have done both. I can send a picture if you want. ~ Al from Mass

Hey everybody... Still looking for a stupid little handle for the plastic flip up cover on the top of the saddlebag. Only need one more! Thanks in advance, ~ Don

Iíve been out for awhile now. But Iím back and hoping to be riding soon. Been doing electrical work on bike and close to being done I hope! Iím interested in buying right top piece of fairing. Not sure if that makes any sense it holds radio speaker black piece. Also right faring is cracked if anyone has one to sell please contact me. Thanks ~ Art in Jax.

Wanted: LXE crash guards. If you have one let me know. With or with out the lights. Also I am still looking for an upper right fairing piece (low priced) color does not matter... just no cracks. thanks ~ jay

Seagoing Brit needs help finding parts for his 85LX ~ Hi, I have just joined the Cavalcade Club USA hopefully to get help from all you guys on the big Cade scene. I have an 85LX and love it but getting spares in the UK are difficult and expensive. I have a job on a cruise ship running out of San Juan working a 3 month on 3 month off rotation. I figure that locating parts in the US and having them shipped to San Juan or St Thomas US Virgin Islands will be an easier option than shipping them out to the UK. I need help locating an a full set of brake discs 2 X front and one rear. I also need to replace some rear marker red lenses on my luggage. Plus I need numerous odds and ends. If anyone can help out with a supplier It would be a great help. If it works out OK then I can help out the rest of the UK Club. please contact me on Thanks for the help, great web site. Iíll speak with you later. ~ Phil

Can you tell me what the price of the clutch friction plates was? ~ Brian, 87LXE in CT - new clutch hose!

Brian, I believe it cost me around 100 bucks for plates a couple of years ago. That is just the fibers - no steel. I don't remember the brand. Maybe it was Barnett. ~ Denny Potoczky

Brian, In a related matter, I have a slight oil drip off the front right side of the motor. I spoke to Rick Gervasi on the telephone and he wants to see it, but says it may be a sign that the water pump needs replacing. If so, he suggested we replace the clutch plates at the same time to save labor later. I think he said there are 11 plates and the total parts cost is about $100. With the water pump and labor I'm looking at $300+. I hope this helps. ~ Jay D. Johnson, 86 LXE "Blue on Blue" Sammamish, Washington USA


I had a leak on the right side when I first got my Cade. It was the water pump and it did look like oil on the right side at first. After a while the anti-freeze came. Called Suzuki dealer and ordered new. About $200.00 later with gasket I was up and running again. ~ Frank Haines in Indy, 86 LX with 17,000 mi.

Would that be the right side as you are looking at it OFF the bike or sitting ON the bike? I have the same problem. It's the right as you are off the bike looking from the front. Thanks, Dan in D/FW

Someone once told me that a Yamaha Venture had the same water pump, and that you could purchase the seal for the water pump without buying the whole pump. Haven't done it, just heard it. Maybe someone knows. ~ C Cook



I have an upper right fairing, in great shape, used, and both the left and right body panels, brand new, in the Suzuki box and wrappings, available for immediate shipping. If any needs these parts or anticipates needing them as spares, contact me and I will ship to you. ~ Thanks everyone for the great response to the other spare parts I had for sale. Once my insurance company releases my bike as salvage I will have a ton of more great parts. I had invested close to $12,000 in new parts and restoration over the past two seasons. I'm one of those "restorers" who just can't quit. Politely referred to as a perfectionist. Thanks and Cheers, ~ Bob Layton

My riding buddy has a brand new air compressor for a cavalcade for sale. When he had his they were going to replace it under extended warranty, turned out all it needed was some WD-40 ran through the intake hose while running the compressor to fix it. So he wound up with it and would like $500.00 for it. You can reach him at 1-785-233-8149,or myself at 1-785-286-4045, we also have some misc., parts left.

The poor man's answer to lowers on a Cade are Baker Wings. They make them for the top of fairing only which I installed but I could see that with some easy modifications they could be installed at the bottom of fairing at the front and above foot rests. I ordered another set and extra brackets. They needed 3inches of material added to fit good which Baker did for me. They work great and Baker asked me to send him pictures, which I did. Maybe they will now make them on order. ~ Lu

for all interested parties i would sell the trailer hitch for $150.00 plus shipping. i have no idea how much that would be. Email:


Hello All, Page 105 of the new issue of Cycle World (yesterday's mail) gives a list of the Dates and locations of the Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows. It is my intention to be in Dallas on Dec. 15-17 for that show, to press Suzuki and all after market manufacturers at the least to identify all of their products that can or will fit the Cavalcade. A secondary request will be to also identify those items that can be easily modified to fit the Cavalcade.

Further, I intend to discuss, as much as possible, the potential of the Cavalcade market, identifying our organization and its International membership base. I intend to have both business and personal cards available to all, and to politely make our point. I would request that all our membership do the same whenever possible, at those shows they can attend.

Schedule is as follows:

December 15-17 Dallas Convention Center

January 12-14 Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

January 26-28 Minneapolis Convention Center

February 2-4 IX Center, Cleveland

February 9-11 Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, Rosemont, IL

February 16-18 Cobb Galleria, Atlanta

February 23-25 Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York, NY

March 7-11 Daytona International Speedway

March 23-25 Transworld Dome at America's Center, St. Louis

Time to put on our Goodwill faces, ~ Andy Anderson, DDM Consulting, Midland, TX


Where in Long Beach is the classic bike show? I might just go and show my 87 LXE burgundy and gray.

~ Oh I found it. Itís at the Long Beach Convention center. They said they would like to show it next year. Smile ~ Ted LXE 87

Now THERE's an idea! Let's all contact them (Cycle World Classic Motorcycle Show) to enter each of the venues for next year. What better way to get the word out that we exist? And let's to get the publicity, hammering into all the exhibitors that we're a force to reckon with? What a grand idea! I, for one, will be working toward that end. Andy '86 LX Midland, TX


My wife found the vest and second hand store. She keeps telling me that every jeans company makes them, but I havenít seen any vest in the stores yet. Ride On ~ Wojo

Well Larry wants a denim vest in the worst of ways for his Cade patches and I've been looking and I sure haven't found if anyone comes across any please let me know ~ thanks Nancy

I tell you what...I have been to every store I can think of and I have only found western cut vests (not my style). I collar and a flat bottom edge and a dark color. So I guess I am still looking. If anyone finds some let me know where. Thanks. ~ Jay (the other Jay Johnson : -)

Whoever was looking for a denim vest SEE THIS! A friend of mine received his Wing World magazine for Jan. 2001. He says that on page 76 you have a choice of several vests. Black Denim. $22, Reg.
Denim...$22, Leather vests ...$35. If you know some GWRRA riders get their book. If not call Laura @ 1-904-532-2336 their address is 1572 Darlington Ave. Deltona, FL 32725. Yep they're located in
FloriDUH. If you buy from them you had better COUNT YOUR CHANGE! Hope this helps whoever it was that was looking for a denim vest. ~ Dick Carter


According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year. (They are the only members of the deer family, Cervidae, to have females do so.) Male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to every historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, every single one of them, from Rudolf to Blitzen... had to be a female! We should've known this when they were able to find their way.


Is there going to be Caders camping out during Americade? Where is the campground of choice? ~ Denny Potoczky, 86 LXE, South Bend, IN

Ralph and Jaycider.... Jay usually camp...We camped at Lake George EScape (Evergreen) campgrounds...It has nice restrooms and laundry facilities and a store and swimming pool. You might want to check it out at the tour Expo. site. Just a thought... ~ Nancy and Larry

Denny, we go up on Sunday and get the week package... Last year we didn't get the boat ride or meal at the ranch or amusement park.... We just got on ride which you would love...the sticky bun get a meal with this ride as well as the trail ride and the covered bridge run... these runs take about 5-6 you get a lot of riding in. We set up a place to eat supper last year so anyone of the Caders could come if they wanted to eat together...or they could do their own thing... Friday morning we will have our formal line up with pics and then maybe this year we can make a run to placid or around Lake George.... If the weather is good. All in all it is a great week.... We lots of camaraderie.... Usually you don't have any trouble getting into Lake George escape for camping.... The first year we went we made reservations there two weeks before.... Last year I held camping and hotel arrangements right up to the end and ended up in the hotel... Never hurts to get those reservations in early...and I would ask to be by the pool and the patio.... They serve all three meals there during Americade if you don't want to cook. Hope this helps...they also have a nice store there... It is about 5 miles or so out of lake George... ~ Nancy

Tell me where Lake George is please????? ~ Gary 86 Cade, Greenfield, Wis.

Gary, If you go to and click on the link to "Trips and Tours" you will see a hyperlink to a map service which will give you driving directions to any location in the country. Just enter Lake George, NY and it will show you a map and give you step by step directions on how to get there. ~ Jay

Denny, If you go to, Americade site, & browse the site & find accommodations & camping, the sites will be listed...the best one is right in the Village of Lake George. . Walking distance (less than 1/4 mile) to downtown Lake George, Tour Boats, Eateries, everything ~ Lee Taylor

Can those who have camped at Lake George Escape campground, give me your impression of it. How noisy is it? Is it a part of the amusement park? I have heard good things about Mount Kenyon campground
also - anyone in the list been there? I've been to the web sites for each, but it's always better to ask someone who has been there. Don't ask me how I know that! ~ Denny Potoczky

Denny, I camped at the Lake George Escape campground last year. I was only there for 2 nights - Thursday and Friday. Camp sites were nice very roomy not crowded together. I knew someone who was camping 2 sites over - another Cavalcade owner, but didn't spend much time at the campground. Showers were clean and close by - have a pavilion (open-air restaurant) very convenient for breakfast. The only complaint was that Friday
night some late arrivals 10 to 11PM were on the noisy side. It may very well be it was only objectionable because they were close by. They ran their bikes (3 or 4 Rice rockets) for lighting while setting up the tents and unpacking gear. I may go back again this year if I don't get confirmation of a motel room right in Lake George Village. Last year did not have any trouble making reservations in February. ~ Al from Mass

Denny....Lar and I really like isn't even near the amusement park... The showers are clean and they have washers and dryers.. and the pool is clean and the owners went out of their way to make it nice for us. Last year I had reservations to camp up till the last week and when i had to cancel them they only charged me 5 dollars to cancel...... wasnít bad at all. We liked it... Have a great day ~ Nancy

AS this will be my First trip to Americade should I sign up for the full blown package or just a couple of days?? When I went to Honda Hoot in Ashville, NC only took in vendors one day and spent the rest of the time touring on our own, averaged about 250 to 300 miles a day riding the mountains, any suggestions will be appreciated. Is a Cavalcade Exposition planned??? ~ Walter


Can the Cavalcade pull a trailer? Just because it's big doesn't mean it can. I wondered a little about that when I bought my '88. I pulled my Time-Out with my '79 GS850 about 20,000 miles trouble free so I shouldn't have had any doubts about the 1400. As you know the "850" had strong torque characteristics and did a great job at trailer pulling. Would the Cade do the same? Time would tell as I went to work modifying the hitch to fit the Cade. Everything worked out great as to hitch and trailer height and position. I made a trip to Vermont one summer and those mountains sure were a test. The bike did OK, but I wished for brakes on the trailer. I made a trip to Watertown, N.Y. this summer (2000) and had no problems. The trip home was a good test for the clutch for we spent one hour in construction back up - stop and go up a 30 degree mountain grade. The engine fan ran continuously but the temperature stayed in safe range. There was no clutch slippage at all. I had installed a pair of progressive shocks on back of bike before N.Y. trip and they really kept things under control. I'm very happy with them.

After only 3,000 miles of trailer pulling with my Cade I can't put it in the same class as my 850 but, so far so good. I bet some of you have done 20,000 miles or more with your Cade and trailer. If you've had any problems caused by pulling a trailer I would like to know what they are. So far in my personal test I'm happy with the bike's power. Brakes are OK excepting in mountains. Overall handling and comfort is very good. ~ Lu and Fran

You won't even know it is back there.... ~ Nancy

Hi Lu & Fran, We pull a Bunkhouse tent trailer with our Cavalcade. We have pulled it way over 20,000 miles and it probably weighs around 600 lbs. on average. It's about 400 lbs. empty. The only problems we have had is I have had to replace 2 U joints. The bike pulls the trailer at any speed like a dream, but it has wimpy U joints. We also pull a cargo trailer. You don't even know they are back there. You have to allow a little more stopping room, but half the fun is camping with the trailers. ~ Eugene, San Diego

My little tag-a-long with a car top carrier follows me very nicely. I make the trip to LG with everything packed and Donna on board with no problem. Like you said; drop to fourth for the big hills and use a little planning and you can travel very smoothly even with the trailer. I've learned a great deal from following truckers.... Speed up before the hills and look way down the road for any possible problem. Happy Traveling. KennG PS Donna hasn't asked to take the trailer out garage sale-ing..... YET ~ KennG

I just bought me a used trailer Freeride (500liter) But it seems to be very hard to find the system to connect it to the motorcycle (I don't know the name in English). So it seems more and more likely I will have to make one myself. Therefor, any information on size and best way of connecting it on the bike is welcome.
p.s.: what are steering head bearings ? Thanks for any info! ~ Kurt, LXE 89 Blue on blue

Kurt: The 'system' you refer to I believe is the 'trailer hitch'. They are indeed hard to find, but with a little ingenuity and skill one can be fabricated from scratch - There are a couple members that I personally know that have done this and I am sure they would be more than happy to help you. I happened to find a used one in this group, and it doesn't hurt to ask for one. Usually someone knows where there is one lying around.

As for steering head bearings, they are the bearings that allow the front fork to turn smoothly in the 'head' of the frame. I have had mine replaced last week and now they are working on the rear shocks. Then it's a new clutch hose and I'll be good to go! :) ~ Brian, 87LXE in CT - Halfway there!

Hey, Kurt and anyone else interested. The October issue of tour and cruiser has a trailer buyerís guide with several pages of info on trailers, both cargo and camping for motorcycles. There are pictures of different models and price guides. I just bought a Markland hitch from a member of the group but another model is made by Neosho fiberglass, Inc in Missouri. Their number is 1-800-641-4647. They advertise at the Americade. If the magazine isn't around, give me mailing address and Iíll send a copy.

For you cold weather riders, I just bought hand warmers through V&P Inc in Blackstone, MA. The phone number is hands get cold real easy. These acrylic shields mount on the clutch and brake handles. It does take a small amount of grinding to the l shaped bracket to retrofit them but they keep the breeze off the hands. They are $39.00 and are clear, black, green or red. They were great on the Rhode Island polar bear ride two Sundays ago. Larry from Kingston MA.

HI Kurt' This past summer I contacted Time Out Trailers About a trailer hitch for my '88 Cade and they do have them. Cost is between two and three hundred dollars. Their web site is ~ LU


The FM quit on it. Every thing else works. Was in a couple of down pours one day and hasn't worked since. Any ideas out there? Thanks, Lu

You can send it out to Sierra or Duncan's to be checked, although, it may be too late. ~ Gerry in NY

Lu, The switches are notorious for causing numerous problems. If you haven't replaced them, you probably should. ~ Tracy


Hey Group I need some advise... I got my hands on a set on Suzuki Cavalcade exhaust turn down pipes. The problem is, although they are used but in great condition, there are no instructions. I did receive two strips of a thick material - 2 inches wide by approximately length to wrap around the pipes. I am sure someone out there can help me... I don't want to mess them up or my stock pipe, just putting them on. Thanks, Dan Duff '86 LX

Dan, The 2 thick pieces should be like woven asbestos pieces. They fit between the tail pipe and the turn down extension. The extension pieces fir over the end of the pipes -- then over the thick material -- its a very, very tight fit. I struggled for an hour to get mine on. Afterwards, asked the service manager how I should have done it. His answer was to coat the outside of the thick pieces with oil. After they are on wipe off the excess oil, the rest will burn off over time. After extensions are on thick pieces should not show -- tighten the bolt to hold the extensions on. I got mine on 95% -- a little of the thick pieces shows. One thing to watch out for after the turned down extensions are on is when backing the bike up they are the first things to hit the curb. ~ Al from Mass

Allen, Thanks for the tip...I placed the turn down pipes on the bike to see what they will look like. But there didn't seem like much room for the asbestos pieces. Thanks again, ~ Dan

Dan, I have the turndowns on my bike. You slip the turn down over your pipes, then push the packing strip in the back of the turn down (turn-down is a bigger diameter than pipe to clear the raised end of the exhaust pipe. Once you put the packing in then tighten it down. ~ Denny Potoczky

Dan, Tracy's excellent CD now has installation sheets for most of the Suzuki options for our Cav's...YES, it does have the wiring diagrams for rear marker lamp harness hookups...just what you need! If you don't have the CD, now would be a great time to order it. ~ Fred L. Meisenheimer


To all my friends who ride their Cades in the cold wind, Does anybody know about a cover that fits across the radiator to make this machine run a little warmer in the cold weather? Here in Southern La. we have the good fortune of being able to ride almost all year long with the exception of when it rains preceding a cold front. Took my bike out today temps in the high 60's, Temp. Gauge would barely get off the cool side. Hardly enough heat to warm your hands. Seems I may have read about this in the service manual or somewhere. Any Ideas? ~ John in La. 86 LX

John: First off, 60 degrees here in Wisconsin this time of year would be a heat wave. LOL I would probably consider that your thermostat is bad, even at 40 degrees, mine will read about a quarter up the gauge. If your engine is not getting up to operating temp, you could do harm to it. ~ Jerry


I finally got a day off with no obligations and went for a short ride yesterday. I ended up at an Army/Navy surplus store and bought a fantastic riding jacket for cold weather. It is a flight jacket just like I used to have in the Navy but it is blue. My old one was green. It is made of nylon and very warm. Someone made off with my Navy one years ago in a bar. Still makes me angry. Anyway, I just decided to stop in and see if they had one at this surplus store. Sure enough! They had the green ones but since I have expanded a bit over the years they would not fit. But the blue was in my size. It is as warm as can be. I love it. It was $63.00 with tax. Not bad since a comparable GWRRA jacket in my size is almost $200.00. Just passing it along. If you are looking for a good warm riding jacket, it might be just what you are looking for. It has a pocket on the left sleeve with a zipper, a place to put a pen if you wish, a flat sport collar so it does not flap up and hit you in the cheek like some jackets will do. I hope everyone has a Happy New Year. ~ Gary Fairfield, Jax, FL, '86 TT Blue LXE

I had one of those once, but it had a true Wolf's collar on it... way back in the late 60's/early 70's. They were a great jacket... not quite waterproof but they'd keep you warm in temps down to the low 40's. Now I use a Timberline Ski jacket my ex-roomie bought for me a couple of Xmas's ago... Fully waterproof and there's no weather I'm willing to ride in that this thing won't keep me very warm. In full gear I'll burn up in 30-degree weather, in a monsoon, with an Arctic blast coming head-on! ~ Don


I talked to a woman at Add On, Incorporated in Mass. yesterday, while attempting to order a catalog of their goodies. She seemed helpful, asking what I rode, but then turned slightly rude when I told her it was a Cavalcade, telling me that they didn't make anything for it. I then told her about our group, and that we are trying to find those accessories made for other bikes which will fit ours, told her what our membership is and what our demographics are, and she suddenly became very helpful. I'll be checking the mail for another catalog this next week.

I've a good relationship with SWS Cycle here in Midland (the area's biggest Gold Wing shop and a J&M Corporation authorized dealer), and he's willing to help me determine what Gold Wing accessories might fit our Beloved Behemoth. LOL - it helps to have just written a check for a new XXXL full-face HJC LT-12 helmet. Se despite how crotchety the Honda dealers are at Suzuki, we represent $$$ to them, so visit, let them know you by name, and cultivate their assistance! BOTTOM LINE: This approach works. The Manufacturers and Distributors don't care what the product goes on, just that they can make the sale, so the more we can politely approach and convince that we're not crack-pots, the better off we'll be in the long run. ~ Dan in D/FW

Have a great time at the show Dan. You must be more persuasive than I am - I talked to the woman at Add-On and received a real cold shoulder 6 months ago. Al from Mass!!

Andy, keep us posted on your success with "other bike" parts for the 'Cade. If anyone has any success and can post the parts numbers or year/model bike the parts are for, I know at least one rider here in the northeast that would be immensely grateful. Thanx ~ KennG


If anyone has successfully made engine modifications to improve performance in any way I am interested in hearing from you. ~ LU

It's simple Lu. Get more air (and fuel) in and get more exhaust out. The Cavalcade is so stopped up it needs a partial resection of the interior turbinate. The designers did that on purpose (as they do with just about every motorcycle that isn't made for all-out racing) to tone down what is potentially an awesome motor. Just take a look at that little hole in the air-box cover and tell me that a 1400cc motor couldn't use a little more flow-through. Interestingly, though, it already makes 112 horses without any modifications. As many in the group have heard me comment before; take off the air-box cover, re-jet and put on a 4-1. . . hmmmmmm. . . can we say Hayabusa power? Well, maybe. Tracy

Tracy, I can follow the idea of more air and fuel quite easily, but I have never understood why 4-1 exhaust will produce more power. In fact you say above that part of the goal is to get more exhaust out. It seems that a 4-1 exhaust will produce higher back-pressure and therefore LESS exhaust out. I don't doubt the truth of your comment, in fact I am very aware that many high-performance bikes do, in fact, have 4-1 exhaust. I just would like to understand the physics behind why this is true. If I may take a guess?? If the 4-1 exhaust system allows for a larger, by cross-section, opening at all points then there would be more exhaust capability that 4 separate pipes. Without having measured and calculated any 4-1 exhaust pipes and collectors cross-sections, they just don't appear large enough to be larger than the addition of 4 separate pipes. However, since Pi is a factor in calculating the area of a circle I am aware that this comparison is
not a simple radius to radius comparison. ~ Chuck - 86 LX

Chuck: In the simplest of terms, a 4-1 exhaust might provide better 'scavenging' of the exhaust gases. They are designed based on the engine, firing order, etc. They provide a kind of 'vacuum effect' helping pull the exhaust from the cylinder, allowing more fuel mixture in to be burned, therefore making more power (hopefully)... Anyone with clarifications/corrections, please jump in... ~ Brian 87LXE in CT

Tracy is probably more of an expert than I am, but normally 4 into 1 exhaust systems increase performance in two ways. By decreasing weight and by exhaust scavenging. Think of the engine as a pump. The exhaust pulse from the previously fired cylinder acts to extract exhaust gases. (It creates a negative vacuum in the exhaust pipe, which speeds up the exhaust flow from the next firing cylinder thus also increasing fuel/air intake inflow during the valve overlap) If I remember my hot rod terminology correctly, exhaust scavenging is said to increase the volumetric efficiency of the engine. ~ rclough

For those of you that brought up scavenging as a factor for 4 to 1 exhausts, you are on the right track. The only major problem with 4 to 1 s is the inability to scavenge at realistic RPMs (those that one droves on the street). Most 4 to 1 s don't make real good power until 7 or 8000 RPM. In the midrange, though, a 4 to 2 to 1 is most excellent (also referred to as a tri-y). Also, even though a 4 to 1 would appear to have less flow area than some stock pipes, most have a high flow muffler that flows benefits the superior scavenging of the header design.

The tri-y (4 to 2 to 1) mates the opposing firing cylinders together for a short distance to promote good scavenging at lower RPMs. The 2 pairs of pipes are then brought together in the final collector where this is additional scavenging of those pairs to each other. The only problem with the tri-y is that it won't make as much power as a 4 to 1 at the higher RPMs. So, have an exhaust that does both. If you look at some of the brand-new crotch rockets, they have a valve in the exhaust that turns the pipe from a tri-y into a 4 to 1 at a specific RPM. That way they get the best of both worlds. Good mid range grunt and good top end peak power.

This is much the same principle as the variable volume ports on the modern two-stroke dirt bikes. If anyone has ridden a two-stroke with an expansion chamber, you know that the bike isn't very good on the low end but when it "comes on the pipe" has an almost uncontrollable burst of power. That is the point that the expansion chamber (based on its internal dimensions and shape) comes into sync with the firing within the cylinder. The only problem is that the bike is hard to ride since the power is so peaky. The newer bikes have a variable dimension chamber that is installed at the exhaust port that can vary the overall size of the expansion chamber by RPM. Again, getting the best of both worlds by "tuning the chamber on the fly" to increase low end grunt and still make good high end power.

Weight saving is also an issue with an after-market exhaust. However, the amount of weight to be saved wouldn't make a lot of difference for a bike the size of the Cav. Another obvious choice to make power is cam profile, lift and timing. However, I'm not sure there are that many high performance cams available for the Cav. Now, if you just take that Cav motor and stuff it into a GSXR750 frame. Hmmmmm. ~ Tracy

Have you ever seen 3 Cades in full dress one including trailer doing 100+mph around a racetrack? Steve Orpwood, Gordon Herrick and little old me partook in a rider training day at the local motor sport race track What a Hoot Sparks flying from grounded foot pegs rubber warn off the edges of boot soles not to mention the tires. Who would have thought the Cade could perform and handle so well made the gold wings look amateur I even had a comment from a Guzzi owner on how well the bikes handled the experience. Sorry no pics too much time spent having fun to take photos. ~ Murray 86 LZ, New Zealand

Murray, You guys have all the fun - first racing big trucks, now touring bikes! In the USA (with precious few exceptions) there are no "run what ya brung" riding schools at real tracks unless you show up with an honest-to-goodness race prepped sport bike. If anyone comes up with any photos, please post. ~ BobG '86

Hey Guys, Personally I think I would have a lot more fun sitting on the sidelines watching you guys lean those thousand pound motorcycles into a corner. Maybe if parts were cheap and available I would think different, but on second thought I don't think that would change my mind, SEE YA ~ DON 86lxe


I got a good early start this morning, going up to Pinole to meet Al Leno. The first sign of trouble was a jingley noise. You may recall, I recently heard a whrrrr and a clack coming from my drive mechanism, so I took that whole assembly apart, inspected every piece, never did find anything wrong with it except that the drive bevel oil plug had fallen out. Baffled, I put the thing back together, carefully, filled it with hypoid. The noises went away. I concluded running without oil could cause funny noises. But starting out this morning I heard a distinct jingley noise.

I went thru the five stages: Denial. {Noise? What noise?} Anger. {Dammit spike! Whatsa matter with you, son? Ya gotta be careful when you are playing amateur mechanic!} Bargaining. {Please Mr. Cade, if you make that funny noise go away, Ill change your oil and buy you new tires!} Depression. {doooh!
Now Iím gonna hafta start allllll over.} Acceptance What the hey, I didnít have anything to do for the next five weekends in a row.

I imagined the worst: {Lets see, whatever is jingling will come loose, get caught in my final drive bevels, lock the tire, I fall off, that semi back there will convert me from a rocket scientist to a revolting red blob of steaming protoplasm.} I got to the restaurant where I was to meet Al. I was a few minutes early. I parked where he would see my bike, but some yahoo in a Ford Exhibition immediately parked next to it, blocking it from view. Al pulled in a few minutes later. We ate at different tables; neither knowing the other was
there. We gave up on each other at almost exactly the same time, and met on our way out the door.

Al's bike is in excellent condition, especially considering his odometer is showing over 90k. Snazzy extra lights, radio, etc. I definitely should have gotten the LX instead of my Scotch-inspired GT.

We rode to a nearby gas station. I filled up, gave the clerk a 5, he gave me four dollars and two cents. I hadnít noticed how much gas I had pumped, but I marveled at the excellent mileage I was getting. Then I noticed the pump read $4.02. Figuring that the small sum means more to the kid working the station
than it does to me, I returned his three bucks, but kept the 2 cents, just so his till wouldnít balance perfectly. Thatíll learn him to pay attention when making change.

My good deed was repaid to me a hundred fold within seconds, for on the way back out of the station, I noticed what was making the jingle bells: I had forgotten to tighten the bolts holding the seat down. There was about a centimeter between the bolt head and the contact. The washers were loose and jingley. I
corrected the problem and instantly the noise went away. If all good deeds in this life were met with such instant rewards, we would be overrun with good deeds.

We rode north over the top of San Pablo Bay. It was a perfect day for riding, after several weekends in a row that were no good. Consequently there were approximately 8 billion motorcycles on the road. but only two Cavalcades. Al can fill in the details on the route, but somehow we ended up over on the coast highway 1. We then went down to Stinson beach where the yahoos were surfing. The week before Christmas!

We hit 101 and rode down to Sausalito, then onto an overlook above the Golden Gate Bridge called Point Bonita. We hung around there for a while, gazing down on the bridge and the city when two young ladies started checking out Al. Too bad HeyJerr was not with us, being as he is single. I decided to get scarce,
since that was our parting point anyway. I went on down thru San Francisco, over the San Mateo bridge and home again to Milpitas. The entire trip was 210 miles. I shall keep many happy memories of the day trip. ~ Spike


OK! My question is. Would anyone in Cade land happen to use a GPS in their travels? On or off the road. If so, what type would be recommended for great mapping detail of cities and back roads? I know that this is a loaded question however all comments are welcome. ~ Alvin Taylor, Newark, OH 87 LXE

Editorís Note: None were forthcoming!


Here's one that doesn't happen every day. After two uneventful days worth of riding (following a major removal and put back of fairing bits and pieces) I'm riding home (dark and stormy night), I notice my speedometer isn't registering, followed shortly by a light tinkle...ding...and other chime-like sounds. Enlightened by the light of the now welcome home garage....Guess What! A 2 1/2-foot Black Snake is still grasping my front wheel by the axle... it's missing its rattles (obviously ground off by the ride home)! Anyone got a spare speedometer cable from one of your (extra) CADES? Any help appreciated. ~ Bill the Fish Guy <:]{{{{{=<


Editorís Note: A porno distributor hacked one of our memberís Internet password and used it to post porn ads to our members. Our favorite nurse provides some on-line first aide.

Go to MY COMPUTER and then go to your hard drive.... Then click on the server you are using for your Internet service. Once in that file hit organize.... When you open this file you should see cache... click on it.... It will list your screen names... if any of then have what appears to be a
dagger or negative sign in front of them that means they have your password and access to you address book. If you find this go to edit and select all.... At top of you screen and the go to file and select delete. This will remove the entire cache (stored memory) then go back and change everyoneís
passwords using this computer... This should keep them out. Also if you go to Norton under KEYWORD... it should give you advise about worms and password stealers. Hope this will help you ~ Nancy


An Interview With Mobil Tech

Posted by Stu Oltman,, on June 3 1998

Here's the scoop on Mobil 1 motorcycle synthetic oils. This info came from Mobil customer tech support during a lengthy phone conversation on June 2nd. For those who don't want to wade through all this, the bottom line is that if you like synthetics but want one in the recommended grade and at a reasonable price, it'll be available in selected auto parts stores by mid June (1998).

Mobil realized two things. First, they realized that the viscosity grades of Mobil 1 that were available did not coincide in most cases with the grades recommended by MC manufacturers. Second, they realized that the ongoing controversy regarding car vs. MC oil has left many consumers afraid to put anything in their bikes which isn't labeled as being specifically for motorcycles. This resulted in the development of three new synthetic oils marketed specifically for motorcycles. They are 10W40 and 20W50 four stroke oils and two-stroke oil. Suggested list price is unavailable as yet, but the oils should be in stores by mid June. At least initially, Mobil chose to sell through Auto Zone, Checker, Schucks, and Kragen auto parts stores. They didn't follow Castrol's idea of selling only through motorcycle channels to support a premium price. Instead, the oil should be priced comparable to existing Mobil 1, and it should be a lot easier to find than Golden Spectra, etc. when you're on the road.

Now, the fun stuff. This is paraphrased, but very close to the actual conversation.

Me: You advertise on your web site that Mobil 1 15W50 is great for motorcycles. So why the new MC oils?

Them: We realized we were missing a portion of the market due to consumer fear, and also because our viscosity offerings didn't align with certain recommendations.

Me: Aside from viscosity, what differences are there between regular Mobil 1 and the new products?

Them: The new oils have been re-balanced specifically for motorcycles.

Me: Re-balanced? What does that mean?

Them: Well......itís been designed with additives especially for motorcycles.

Me: Uh huh. What are the API ratings?

Them: SG, SH, and CF. You shouldn't put these in a car [requiring SJ].

Me: Since the only API rating allowed to appear in the circle on the bottle is the latest certification (SJ), and since certification costs money, is it possible that these oils meet SJ and simply haven't been certified as such to the API?

Them: Well, we certainly see no reason to certify a product to a higher level than what's required by the intended market.

Me: How about the zinc levels? Its been claimed by some that zinc, which is intended to provide some protection from metal to metal contact during extreme conditions, has been reduced in SJ oils to a level 1/3 below what's found in SG. Would you compare the zinc levels in the two different products for me? Would it be correct to say that there is a significant difference in zinc levels?

Them: (after getting out their spec. sheets) it would not be correct to say that. I can't tell you how much zinc is in each product, but the difference appears to be insignificant. It appears that they are essentially the same in that regard.

Me: So what can I hope to gain from using the new motorcycle oils?

Them: If you're currently using 15W50, and your manual calls for 10W40, then you could expect slightly better fuel economy and cooler operation by using the lighter oil. If you're using petroleum-based oil, the synthetics offer increased levels of protection over any petroleum oils of the same viscosity grade.

So there you have it. Mobil isn't marketing these products by claiming that your engine will fall apart from using car oil. It really made no sense to bring these viscosities out as anything other than MC oil, because no automakers recommend those grades anymore.

What they've basically done, to my understanding, is to give us a choice of Mobil 1 viscosityís better suited to our purposes, and the cashier doesn't have to have a gun and mask to sell it.

On June 10th, 1998 Stu added: Thought you might like to know that those new Mobil motorcycle oils I
wrote about are NOT priced similarly to existing Mobil 1. $8.99 here in Phoenix.

I've spoken with the product manager at Mobil regarding his marketing strategy and found out that "the premium price is justified by the clearly superior technology". Bull! Just another company jumping on the bandwagon.


Can you clarify the oil to be used with wet clutches? I'm confused about what I should be using in my Cavalcade. I haven't had to change oil yet but I'm getting ready for spring. After all, winter started yesterday, spring can't be too far away.

I like Golden Spectra 4, 20W-50. It holds up well and is made for motorcycles. I also like Mobil 1 15W-50. If I cannot find Golden Spectra, I'll use the Mobil. Spectra is a petry/synthetic blend, while Mobil is a
tri-synthetic blend. Mobil is lot easier to get. ~ Gerry in NY

I have an 86 early Cade, that I bought new in May of 85, at 10,000 miles I put in Amsoil and have been running it ever since, the bike now has 117,000 miles on it and a very large portion of those was pulling a trailer. I had to replace the clutch plates, at about 98,000 miles, the lined ones showed some wear and the steel ones looked ok, but I chose to replace them all. They were starting to slip on a hard pull. I am still running the Amsoil brand of synthetic, and would highly recommend it to anyone. ~ John Putnam

Jim I used auto Mobil1 in my Cade and in my GoldWing 1500 with no problems just use the 15-50 Mobile one. but if you want to pay 8+ $ for the motorcycle oil version it is available. ~ BobL used to have 86 LXE


Well, I was all set to dress my 'Cade up for Christmas, like I did last year, when I fired her up (after sitting for only five minutes after I rode her home) and she ran like crud. I smelled gas, too. Sure enough, there is a major leak right on top of the engine just to the right of center. Looks like a carb, but I can't be sure yet. Only leaks when running. Can't figure out how a leak so big could've started so fast. Bummer. ~ HeyJerr


There seems to be new interest in pins and patches. Here's the deal. Pins, small patches or large patches can be reordered. The min. order is 50 of whichever item is ordered. I think the price of the pins last time were
$2.00 each and patches (4") were $3.10 each, but the quantities were higher. Several members, including myself, who bought on the original order bought extra's but have since sold them to new members as they asked if any were available. If there is enough interest at this time (total over 50) I will inquire about current pricing and we can take it from there. ~ Dennis Vanill

I would be interested in a couple pins, a couple small patches, and another large patch. Jim in Utica, Ohio

If pins and patches can still be ordered Iím interested in info on how to do so. Thanks, ~ Lu

I'd like a couple of large patches...I couldn't get one the first go around... Dan


Problem... Recently, I have done a lot of work on my low mileage 1986 Cavalcade LX, AND added several new OEM accessories. Today I called my current insurance company to review my coverage and to see if I
could increase the stated / replacement value. I found out that if something would happen they would pay a maximum of the current blue book. (Checking - that's ONLY $3,220). Does anyone have or know of an insurance company that will write a declared value policy on a motorcycle?

Dan, what state are you in? If you happen to be in NJ, no luck dude - our choices of insurers (few as they are) go strictly by blue book. ~ BobG 86 GD

Hi Dan. I have universal underwriters and I think they cover up to 1000 in accessories. ~ Bob

Dairyland Ins. has a $3000 additional coverage for just such as that. I had it but, recently went liability ONLY coverage... Dan in D/FW

You can try to insure it as a collectible. I'm not sure where to suggest you go, but, I'm sure car collector's insurance can suggest an alternative. ~ Gerry in NY

Check with you insurance company about stated value. The procedure is to have the vehicle appraised by an accepted authority (Dealer, etc.) and the insurance premiums are calculated on the appraised value. ~ SRB 86 LXE


Early yesterday morning my backbone was taken from me. My wife, my kidsí mother, was taken from me. My boys are upstairs asleep and soon will awake to the first full day without their Mother. Thank you for allowing me to use this group as a sort of therapy. Just this past March I got back into motorcycling with the purchase of a GS650.

It was a joyous day when we brought that Suzuki home. It soon became apparent that the GS was not the right bike with 2 boys and a wife who also wanted to feel the wind. In late June my wife suggested, with some urging from me that we get a more suitable ride for two up riding.

In early July we found the Cavalcade. My wife had about 15 minutes riding experience before this year. I took her on a ride in October that completely changed her outlook of riding. She was looking forward to next riding season. My traveling on the highway of life with her is over she is with our creator.

Please take a moment today and tell that special someone what they mean to you. ~ Geo

Editorís note: Many of us responded to Georgeís letter with personal messages of support. I am not printing them here because they were intended to be personal, although they were posted to the group. If you would like to read them, go to the Cavalcade_USA archives at