Subj: Re: [Cavalcade_USA] After market CB
Date: 5/2/00 2:46:11 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: mcohen@c
Sender: rick@c


The CB that I installed is a COLT.  I mounted it where the left pocket is now.  cbphoto.jpg (41831 bytes)  As for a CB antenna, a friend replaced his single radio antenna, with one for a radio and CB.  I took the single mount and mounted it backwards so it looks like I have a factory mount on the left and right.  There may be members out there that still have the old radio mount from when they upgraded to the radio/CB mount, for you to do the same thing.  The other thing is, that I used Plexiglas to make an enclosure for the CB and also a momentary switch and mount, mounted on top of the radio control housing for the push to talk switch.  Please click on the pictures to see how I did it.

 Here's the wiring diagram.    If you would like to download both pictures, you may click on the link to download the Zip File.  This file is safe and contains 2 pictures:

"cbphoto.jpg" & "cb_wiring.bmp"

Mike C.
'86 LX

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