Suzuki Cavalcade Radio / Sound Systems

Now Available from

We now have the complete factory inventory of
Cavalcade Radio/Sound System base units. These are
unused and still sealed in the original packing. They
will fit any LXE or LX model Cavalcade which still has
the factory harness and wiring. If you purchase one of
these units, we will test it and repack it along with
the stainless steel replacement switches. We strongly
recommend you use these to replace the rubber switches
Clarion used when these radios were manufactured 16
years ago. (These units do not include speakers.)

The cost is $500 (US funds) plus $20 for repacking &
shipping. (Units sent to Canada require $30 [US]
shipping.) If you wish to have the switches installed
for you, contact us for the cost. All proceeds from
the sale of these radios will go to the Suzuki
Cavalcade Owners Group.

We are working on obtaining all the necessary parts
for the CB radio option to add to this system. We hope
to have these ready this Spring in time for the summer
riding season.

To order the radio/sound system or for more
information, contact
Jay Johnson,

Happy Riding,


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