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Subject: Re: [Cavalcade_USA] tires
Date: Sun, 02 Jul 2000 14:29:51 -0400

Just replaced my Dunlop Elite 491s with Avon Elan II rubber, front and

Initial thoughts with about 300 miles on them:

Softer ride than Dunlops; much better handling, especially in corners; proper profile according to manufacturer's spec (90 profile instead of 85); and everybody who runs them says MUCH better than Dunlops in the rain.  Can't speak on that one yet, but I know that I had my 'Cade hydroplaning in heavy rain on the Dunlops and it wasn't fun!!!

Down side: since the tread is brand new and deep, they "sing" after about 75 miles per hour (just an increased high pitched whine).

>I scoured the web for references to the Avon Elans prior to purchase.  One guy changed tires 4 times on his tourer (got stuck not having a choice due to road hazard a few times) and kept coming back to Avons.  He finally decided that he'd never switch back to Dunlops and will always stay with the Avons.  2 of 2 Suzuki dealers both recommended them over the Dunlops here in the Toronto area, although both say they sell lots of Dunlops, due to the price difference.

Initial thoughts? Much better handling than the Dunlops.  I'll stick with them.  Cost was probably about $20 (Canadian) more per tire than Dunlops.  Since I have only one butt and I don't want skin grafts, the small amount of extra money wasn't a concern.

Don Sellers

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