Wayne Ray's "Fat Suzi"



A before picture of the project (as Original)

We added a ton of lights and other ORIGINAL Suzuki Parts thanks to Allen King and Fed-Ex, Red Barber for the Fork lights,  and Ed for the wiring schematics on the added circuits/relays. The Secondary has been Presnell plugged, Intercom system and headset added, a power outlet added to power the satellite radio, toggles to control the added lighting, new gaskets and seals, new Avon Venom tires, new brakes front and rear, rear mud flap, all the fairing bolts were replaced with Tracy’s button head stainless. This bike also had the Clarion radio replaced with a NEW Original last year which came for the stock available from Cade_USA. Synthetic Oils have been introduced into the crankcase and the gears. Clutch M/C was replaced with a T-man watch crystal rebuilt… I know I’m forgetting something but you get the idea… It’s totally Made Over and just a tick over 70,000 miles on the clock now!!!