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Northwest Motorcycle Tours

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, join Jay Johnson on one of his motorcycle tours riding through the Northwest.  Jay is a tour leader and knows the best roads.  Enjoy one of his scenic tours through this beautiful area.


Alaska Rider Tours

Take the Arctic Circle Tour, the Northern Hotsprings Tour, or even Prince William Sound.  Where in Alaska, do you want to go?


The Songdog Ranch

A popular motorcycle destination for camping and lodging in the Southern California area is the Songdog Ranch.  These folks love to host motorcyclists.  There are special group events, featuring live music.  Catered meals and cookouts are also available.  For detailed information including a route map, visit this starry, starry site. 


29 Dreams

Built by bikers for bikers

A welcome rest spot on one of the southeast's great roads for motorcycles, hwy 25.


Travels Through New York And New England

This site offers stories and pictures of the scenic Northeastern part of The United States.


Beach's Motorcycle Adventures

Thinking about a great motorcycle adventure?  What about touring Europe?  Consider the ultimate experience of touring the European Alps, through Germany, Switzerland, France, Norway, Liechtenstein, Italy, Austria and New Zealand ...  on 2 wheels!


Laughlin River Run

Motorcyclists in Southern California, or The Great Southwest may want to attend the Laughlin River Run in Southern Nevada.  It's billed as the largest motorcycle event in the western United States.  More information is available at their web site.



This is a service from Yahoo! that will give you detailed directions from your door to your destination.  This is an excellent FREE mapping service.  These maps are printable on your printer.


Pappy's California Motorcycle Roads

(and some in Canada)

California is a great place to ride motorcycles.  If you enjoy hills and curves, check out this site.  There are also some Canadian roads listed.


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